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The Lovers and The Nine of Wands

You have chosen the Lovers and the 9 of Wands.The 9 of Wands shows you are trying to defend your career or your job without success. Things are becoming a problem. You're doing too much, working far too hard and you're physically worn out with the stresses and strains of the day. You're being very, very stubborn and you're fighting a losing battle here. It's time to surrender. You're just trying to protect what is yours but this is a time of oppression, you must give in. If you're not careful you will physically become exhausted because you're hanging on and trying to protect what's already got totally out of hand. The Lovers card is telling you that you must communicate with people you care about. There is a physical attraction but there's choices to be made within your relationship. This third party involved in your relationship in matters of your career or work is becoming an obstacle within the relationship. You must communicate. Don't exaggerate any facts out of proportion, you must concentrate on your relationship for you find that your mind jumps from one idea to another particularly when it's to do with your job. Maybe you should just make a point of doing one thing at a time. Try not to start anything you won't finish or don't make promises you can't keep. You going to be fine if you communicate and use your mind as much as possible. Put your feelings into words and clear the air with people. Launch your ideas onto the person you care about the most and involve them in what you're doing. Once you've sorted things out you might be in the mood for experimenting but at the moment your rigid restrictions and routines are really, really dragging you down. You're longing to escape and must break the ties that bind physically, mentally, emotionally, for you must learn how to have a good time instead of working so hard otherwise there won't be a relationship because it takes two to communicate and you're too busy involved in your own work problems to be spending enough time and effort upon your relationship which you know has full potential if you bother to put the effort in.

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Fab reading knew about new job and current situation with no prompting.

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She is truly gifted; she does not give you a story, she tells you how she sees things and it happens. Amazing.

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Thank you for my reading. It was beautiful and uplifting.

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It was a pleasure to have James read for me yesterday. He is a very kind and caring man and an intuitive, accurate and detailed reader. I am confidently awaiting predictions on the psychic side but on the mediumship side he was spot-on and brought great comfort. God bless James, will be back.

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