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The Lovers and The Five of Wands

You have chosen the Lovers and the 5 of Wands.There is mock battle going on around you. You're challenged by daily setbacks and it's struggles to do with other people that is causing your sense of adrenalin to go up. Life does have challenges which you must face and the Lovers shows this physical attraction and choices to be made within a relationship. The Lovers is ruled by the star sign Gemini which is all about communication and short journeys. The inner tension may be deeply challenging when you have contradictions because you feel that you wear so many hats for so many different parts and no single path is likely to fulfil you. You feel that you are sometimes several different people but this is just because you have a restless and inquisitive nature which is reluctant to be identified exclusively in any one direction. You are always keen to find new stimuli, you resent being trapped by obligations which curtail your freedom to exchange and explore ideas. You are capable of deep love and devotion to another person but it must be a relationship of minds, hearts, bodies and loyalty. You express your drive in a restlessness which is full of feelings, ideas and physical energies which change and flow unpredictably. It can be difficult to make a stand because you see so many points of view. Everything seems so interested and valid. Higher education is important to you. You have so many multiple talents that life for you is working through a wonderful variety of experience and viewpoints which can sometimes be extremely difficult for other people to keep up with you because they see you as being fickle but you're always striving to create an ideal world in which your high ideals may cause you to suffer for your principles. You must learn to be a diplomat and a peacemaker in both your personal and professional life because you do have a willingness to harmonise rather than antagonise but you have a reputation of being indecisive and people think you are not capable of knowing your own mind because your views are often so deeply felt and sharply defined. The inner battles are sometimes because you have an impossibly idealistic longing for a perfect world which means you are doomed for frequent disappointment because of the inconsistencies of all human nature. As no relationship is capable of sustaining uninterrupted harmony you will sometimes experience much disillusionment in matters of the heart.

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Fiona M

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Lizanne by DrewRated: 5 

Superb reading! Just spot on! Great stuff! Thank you.

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Thank you Sue! I always feel better after talking to you.

Laura Rose by KayeRated: 5 

Outstanding - I have 3 readings with Laura Rose - 2 of which the predictions came in as predicted and in the time frame. The 3rd reading was today so I am confident of the predictions coming in.

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Thankyou Tracey for such a wonderful reading. Your reading was so accurate with such intimate detail and you made me feel so calm. I look forward to speaking to you again. I recommend a reading with this lovely lady xxx

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Belli is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable readers of the tarot on here. I always use her for seeing my issues clearly in the cards. She doesn't mince her words and gets straight to the point. I highly recommend.

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