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The High Priestess and The Two of Cups

You have chosen the High Priestess and the 2 of Cups.The 2 of Cups is an emotional card and it's ruled by the water sign family. It's about a couple who love and care for each other. There's a togetherness around you and a truly loving relationship. You've got a soul mate and you've got someone who really appreciates you for your friendship, your mind, your soul and the physical side of life. If you've not yet met you're soul mate, you are about to for the High Priestess is a card of the future. It's a very psychic card and the fate is yet to be revealed to you. The High Priestess takes you through your mood and your emotions for it goes through some rapid changes around the age of 20, 40 and 60 years of age where your emotional outlook changes considerably. If you have a partner already it shows that you're relationship is going to go through some changes for the better. You're much more in tune, you're much more intuitive and you're using your gut feelings and your integrity to get things through and to live your life in a way that you feel is happy and fulfilling but you maybe experiencing some confusion for things are strange. The High Priestess is linked to the moon and this makes us feel that things look strange particularly at night in the moonlight we see things differently and that is how you're going through your world at the moment. Everything is the same but you are looking at it in a different light and therefore you're seeing things. You are able to pick out your intense feelings and you feel slightly confused about what is normally quite straight forward. The moon is a card that helps us to feel connected for it's all about the need to give and receive some sort of physical affection. We are all looking for safety and comfort in different ways and for you it shows it's a relationship.

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Sam by RaajiniRated: 5 

Thank you Sam for sending Mama, Papa and Cuddles healing also for sending Derek and me healing, Derek, Papa, Mama and Cuddles so so need it, I am thankful, I am grateful to My Saint and U. Bless you always. Thank you for reassuring me again, my Saint is with me. He still stands by his word. Your an Angel.

Jan by KathyRated: 5 

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Spot on accurate.

Bee by CRated: 5 

Helpful and accurate. Thank you!

Fiona M by Sims Rated: 5 

A brilliant reader who deserves more review than what she’s got. Accurate and can deal with various complicated situations which she validates well and also so many of her predictions have come true. Call her.

Sam by RaajiniRated: 5 

Have had several readings with my dear angel Sam over these few weeks, as I was going through an extreme period, of challenges and sufferings, I thank you Sam for standing by me, guiding me with what needed to be done and also healing, I thank you for healing mum to understand me too.

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