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The High Priestess and The Page of Swords

You have chosen the High Priestess and the Page of Swords.The High Priestess works with the moon. Now this effects our mood and our emotions. It goes through some very important changes around the ages of 20, 40 and 60 years of age. This is where your emotional outlook is going through some very rapid changes. The High Priestess is a very psychic card. It's a card of the future. Things will not be revealed to you just yet - it's almost like your secret fate will come along and tap you on the shoulder when it is best for you to know about it. For at the moment you are someone who is gathering knowledge. You're backwards and forwards, getting involved with this, having a go at that. Your plans are in their infancy and they are indeed minor plans. You need more experience and practical knowledge before you can really set your goal on anything. You're probably someone who is quite young and you easily get annoyed at anything that gives you a minor setback. You see things as just being a general nuisance and you get irritated when things don't go the way you want them to. That's because you really don't have enough experience based on anything right now. You need to gain a little bit more wisdom. You've got to listen to other people for they can tell you lots of things especially when it's based on good old common sense. You need the help of others to succeed for you are on a journey and it is so new you need to get on with some serious study or further education for you need to know more. You've got lots of get up and go but you just don't seem to be able to focus in the right direction. This is because your plans are still in their infancy and you need to listen to the advice of others. The High Priestess is ruled by the moon and it can make us feel confused and deluded. You're probably thinking that everything is so mixed up you don't know where to start. Well the moon is something that makes us look at things twice for at night things look very different in the moonlight. It can cause confusion, things do look strange and this is what you're experiencing. It's just full of muddles and mix ups. You've got to get in touch with yourself and start listening to your instincts and be influenced by those that you feel are appropriate to teach you something. You are easily led by others around you particularly when they're just out for some fun but you need something solid, you're restless and impetuous and you need some sort of focus that will give you a strategy to work towards a goal. At the moment your plans are everywhere. You need to knuckle down to one project that really has got your attention and that way then you can reveal to yourself a knowledge of practice and experience that will help you feel satisfied with your choice.

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Yvette by DebraRated: 5 

Also awesome and very accurate.

Jackie by RondaRated: 5 

Spot on with regard to what’s happening in my life. I now need to process a lot of what was said and do some thinking. Thank you Jackie.

True Harmony by SgRated: 5 

Had a reading with Rachel this morning 28/11/21 - amazing and lovely woman. Picked up on details of what me & my other half looks like. E.g 5ft 8 with a cap (lol). I was in shock. Her reading matched what other readers said on this website. I will await for predictions to happen & leave another Rev.

Catherine H by StephanieRated: 5 

Still my favourite reader on here. Surprised she doesn't have more reviews.

Faith Bird by AnonRated: 5 

Lovely things you saw happening this weekend already unfolding as you said even though I was completely adamant they wouldn’t! But more importantly I thank you for always lifting my spirits and helping me get back into a positive forward thinking mindset instead of being stuck. Thank you!!!

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