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The High Priestess and The Four of Pentacles

You have chosen the High Priestess and the 4 of Pentacles.The 4 of Pentacles is telling you to watch your spending. It's time for you to look at sums of money and you really have got to think what you're doing with it. You may need to hoard your money right now. Your insecurity as a person is making you feel that this is not right but you must put your money into savings and accounts. You have to look after the money for the future. You need to consolidate. This is a time for you to look at your possessions and really make sure that your affairs are in order. The High Priestess is quite an emotional and psychic card and it works with your mood and your emotions. Now if you are at the age of 20, 40 or 60 you'll be going through some very important changes. these emotional outlooks that you're going through will cause you to feel that you are revealing your own future to yourself. The High Priestess is a very psychic card, a card of the future where you must listen to your own common sense, wisdom and advice. You need some very helpful and valuable advice and you need to take that from a professional. This is to do with matters of money as we explained for maybe you have a new venture. With this new venture you need the advice that professionals can only give you and you need to make sure that your cash concerns are dealt with with confidence. This is not a time for you to be brave or to make investments or take risks, it's time for you to look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. This is to do with goods and possessions in one way or another. It's to do with the workings of how you've earned and worked for your money. Things happen slowly when it comes to the pentacles and it shows there's major finances. These major finances will always be put first. Seeing is believing. You need to be rooted and earth bound and not be away with the fairies. These sums of money need to be allocated and you need to make sure that everything is exactly done to the letter.

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Spoken to this lovely gifted lady a few times. I always just sit back and listen , I feel as though I get told what I need. Very positive reading today after a tough time lately. So grateful for her guidance. She is genuinely gifted.

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Jasmine is amazing. Very down to earth, lovely lady. Jasmine picked up straight away on my personality, the troubles with my past career and was able to tell me about my exciting new project that I have in the pipeline. Straight to the point and clear guidance. Thank you Jasmine. X

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