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The High Priestess and The Eight of Pentacles

You have chosen the High Priestess and the 8 of Pentacles.The High Priestess works in conjunction with the moon which effects your mood and your emotions. This will go through some pretty rapid changes particularly around the ages of 20, 40 and 60 years of age. The High Priestess is a card of the future, it's about yourself being revealed to you. It's a very psychic card, using your hunches, your intuition and your gut feelings. This is associated with your work in this case for the 8 of Pentacles shows that this is the card of the self employed. It's about you making your money via your own skills, about working alone. It's learning to do something on your own and training to be somebody. it's very skilful, you are carving out your own future, creating something that is of service or skill to other people. Perhaps you are thinking about taking an apprenticeship or you are already a craftsman but it is about using yourself, your skills, your initiative, even if it's only using some small simple talent that you have. Other people don't have that quality or that skill and they will pay for your services so you're being asked to look inside yourself to see what you can achieve. What can you do by yourself that is skilful, that is of service to other people. You're perhaps feeling a little bit fed up for the High Priestess works in conjunction with the moon and this makes us feel confused, deluded, illusions, everything becomes muddled up and misunderstood and you've got to look inside yourself and use your gut feelings, your hunches, call them what you want - your intuition - and see what it is that you want and make it happen for you certainly have the skill and the talent to do so. You are being asked to look at your financial security and how you can best enjoy work you do and the material security and status it will provide for you.

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Beth by SacredCharlie2100Rated: 5 

Beth is such an encouraging psychic reader and a wonderful helping hand... really recommend her, she pinpoints anything needing discussing and gives a fresh view on matters. Thank you for being a sweet soul Bet and know you help many along the way, blessings good soul - Namaste, Healer Charlie.

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Leah give me some good advice, I enjoy the reading.

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Great reading from Ben. He's very caring and understanding. Thank you Ben.

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Thank you for a beautiful and comforting Anya. Your guidance has gave me so much hope and faith. Thank you so much for helping me xxx You are just Amazing

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She is always accurate and she provides the answers I need to know!!

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