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The Hierophant and The Two of Swords

You have chosen the Hierophant and the 2 of Swords.The Hierophant is asking you to look at material matters and your spirituality. Maybe you need to turn away from material matters for a while and become a little bit more enlightened, for this deals with a partnership or a pair. There's a negative situation that requires you to put some thought into it. You've been choosing not to see clearly what is in front of your nose. You've got the blindfold on and decided you don't want to know. By choosing not to look this problem will manifest itself bigger in the future. It will not go away. You need to call a truce and you really need to take control of the situation, even though you feel you don't know what to do. Your indecision is backed up by the way in which you feel other people will judge you, for you're feeling a bit of a hypocrite and so therefore by doing nothing it looks worse. You need to be seen to be doing the right thing, but what is the right thing. By looking at everything and all the components and how it fits together you should be able to make a decision and not to worry about the effect of what other people will think. Try to be honorable and act with integrity for you've been dissatisfied with life. This is because you've been slightly too materialistic and you need to adopt a more spiritual aspect. Look at someone from your past who was a teacher, mentor or someone you looked up to, think about the traditional approach that they would have taken for this attitude would work best for you right now, rather than trying to branch into something that's unknown to you. This will probably involve a discussion or debate with other people where you can raise this topic and ask what other people think. This will give you more of an increased insight into the matter and a more spiritual approach. You know that deep down you're very down to earth and that you should deal with this in a practical way. The more matter of fact you are the better you will fare, for this needs for you to conform to something that goes by your own book of morals and ethics and to be seen to be doing the right thing. It's what affect this will have on you and how comfortable you will feel with your decision and the final outcome.

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James by MariaTRated: 5 

1st reading with James but felt like he's known my life for yrs. AMAZING information/detail - he does it in the most humble of ways! He knew EXACTLY how long since my last relationship (10yrs), described accurately my work and predicted news will come IMMINENTLY... work message pings in mins! Spooky!

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Lovely reader. One of the few i will read with now. Thank you xx

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There is so much I can say. Jason has become more than just my spiritual advisor, he is my brother and best friend across the pond. He has helped me evolve and change my life IMMENSELY over the past 5 months. He doesn’t just give you a reading, he gives you the tools necessary to evolve and change!

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Thank you Thank you so much. You're always my light :)

John by BethRated: 5 

Thank you, John (sorry, for the cut off) would have liked to say bye, I hope what you said will happen (minus the Feb dispute) but thank you.

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