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The Hierophant and The Ten of Cups

You have chosen the Hierophant and the 10 of Cups.Two wonderful cards. The 10 of cups are a card of marriage and living together in a truly strong relationship. It can be to do with a large group of people such as a family. It is one of the most positive cards in this pack. You are truly and blissfully happy with your lot. You have a very cosy, dreamy and successful relationship which leads on to such wonderful happiness. This fulfillment of happiness is within marriage or a relationship. It is fair to say that children, animals and a nice home usually go with the 10 of Cups. It is emotionally satisfactory and immensely fulfilling. The Hierophant has a slightly religious and a spiritual feel to it. It's almost as if you have a soul mate and mentor. Not only is your relationship emotionally fulfilling, there is an intelligence between the two of you that has a spiritual bond, that helps the two of you to grow and fulfill your lives at a much deeper level than most. You truly have the keys of life and you have learnt the boundaries that you wish to live in. You are not hypocritical as most people are within a relationship, you are truly individuals that have come together in a relationship that work as a team and have kept your individuality outright. You go by your own book of morals, ethics and codes in life and treat others in the way that you wish to be treated yourself. You make such wonderful teachers to the rest of us where we can be truly inspired, that true happiness does exist within relationships, where people actually come together to make strength of a team. You are truly an inspiration to all around and a reminder that relationships can be so emotionally and spiritually rewarding.

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Georgia by DRated: 5 

As usual, a wonderful reading with excellent clarity. We have such a wonderful connection now that Georgia is more like a friend, her spirits come through when we read, and she picks up on relevant names so effortlessly. Thank you so much, Georgia. xoxo Dan 28/06/22.

Lynnie by AnonRated: 5 

A very in depth reading with Lynnie - she knew my predicament instantly. Thank you x

Sharon by LeanneRated: 5 

Sharon was such a beautiful person to talk with. Really spot on with situation, thanks so much Sharon. I will for sure call Sharon again x

Eilish by NicolaRated: 5 

Eilish is amazing! Hugely grateful for her help and ability to give you the information you need to deal with very difficult situations she does so in a fun kind upbeat manor with honesty, integrity and kindness. She doesn’t ask question or pump you for information she is the real deal!

Miranda by CarolynRated: 5 

Lovely reading with insight and reminders of what is most important. Miranda… thank you for remembering me the 2nd time... wonderful…

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