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The Hermit and The Knight Ace of Wands

You have chosen the Hermit and the Knight of Wands. The Hermit is a work card which is based on the past. It's an important card for it means you must base your present and future on experience from the past. It can be looking back to the wisdom and experience that you have gained maybe through other people. It is a time where you realise the years have started to roll and where have people gone? You start to feel a little alone and isolated for people have come and gone from our past that were important to us and we made an emotional attachment or investment within them. Once you have worked out that your wisdom and experience has come from a variety of experiences you can base this on your future. You have a slight gap in your wisdom right now. You need even more experience. You're someone that likes to be on the move and the Knight of Wands is a moving and relocation card so there is very big important news of travel on the way to you. You'll enjoy this, you're adventurous and you love new action. Anything that's a new enterprise will be wonderful but yes, you'll have your memories and you're a person that likes to get on with life so you'll take this really well. As long as there's plenty of organisation and you're practical about the move you'll enjoy it. You need to be of service to other people though. You need to feel that you are useful and helpful and indeed you have some amazing skills for organisation. You're very accurate. Anything that you enjoy being of service to others will go very well for you but if you have to make an important decision and this is based on career or the move of your home, you will realise that the answer to your problem lies within you and to use your intuition to guide you through. A decision would best be reached by having a little space and a little time to just contemplate the past so you can make your decision for the present and the future.

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Beth is such an encouraging psychic reader and a wonderful helping hand... really recommend her, she pinpoints anything needing discussing and gives a fresh view on matters. Thank you for being a sweet soul Bet and know you help many along the way, blessings good soul - Namaste, Healer Charlie.

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Leah give me some good advice, I enjoy the reading.

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Great reading from Ben. He's very caring and understanding. Thank you Ben.

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Thank you for a beautiful and comforting Anya. Your guidance has gave me so much hope and faith. Thank you so much for helping me xxx You are just Amazing

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She is always accurate and she provides the answers I need to know!!

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