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The Hanged Man and The Two of Wands

You have chosen the Hanged Man and the 2 of Wands. Perhaps you are trying to pick your way through a lot of muddles. Maybe there's been some misunderstandings going on around you for things are not quite as they seem. Perhaps you're looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. It is a time for you to think, contemplate and see the world through different perspectives. Some would say even with a rebellious attitude that you are unable to go along with things and flow along in your usual manner. The Hanged Man shows that you are reflecting and seeing things very differently. Perhaps your perspective has changed and you're feeling as if you are going nowhere and that it is time not to make decisions but to contemplate. You're being asked to look at everything in a different way and to do nothing, until you're sure what your next move will be. This could be seen as being a little rebellious but it is necessary before you make the next move. This is to do with a partnership usually linked with work. A business partnership that has a gappy relationship in it. There is distance between the two parties. Perhaps you're not meeting closely enough to link your ideas together or the partnership is causing you to be successful, but you're paying the price for it. Maybe you're contemplating and wondering what you should do next. It is important that you reflect to see, whether the self sacrifices you've made are necessary. The experiences that you've gone through are helping you to learn about yourself. Things have happened for a reason. You're being asked to look at the more spiritual side rather than the materialistic manner in which you've been conducting your life up to now. Perhaps there is more to it than just this. You've worked very hard but now you're looking at your individual nature and your personal beliefs. Usually you will find that you're expressing yourself to a group trend or an ideal where you feel that you must work towards something that is more spiritually satisfying. You will find that you are feeling inspired by nature and all creation and have a longing to be with like minded people who feel connected with the source of nature or the feeling of this is a spiritual bond or connection where you feel linked to something that is higher than just the material sense of everyday life.

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Eilish by VirginiaRated: 5 

Eilish is truly gifted and was incredibly accurate! She also gives a reading with great warmth and empathy. I will certainly call again. Gina

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This lady is brilliant! Had a reading the other day and first prediction has came through on the exact day she said. She has a great style of reading, and funny too! She has guided me through a difficult relationship and love to have a regular reading with her.. thanks Julie x

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Cathy I LOVE YOU! I'm sorry I couldn't extend longer. I feel like I bug you for speaking to you so much but everything you say happens. You are the best guidance I've ever had! Appreciate you so much. xxx

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I would like to thank this lovely lady for being my rock throughout a tough time, thank you Sue you are my angel if I had more money I think I would be on the phone to you every day love and light.

Tina by KimRated: 5 

I had a great connection with my precious loved one that had just passed about a month ago. I got questions that I had answered and got some much need closure! Thank you Tina

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