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The Hanged Man and The Queen of Cups

You have chosen the Hanged Man and the Queen of Cups. You are seeing things slightly differently to everybody else right now that's because the Hanged Man deals with Neptune and this is about our expression of imagination. It's about the dreams and visions within us and how we reflect upon life so maybe you're seeing yourself as a bit of a rebel, But that's just because you've got a different perspective right now. Just because everyone else sees things differently doesn't mean you're wrong. Maybe you feel in limbo and you're feeling lazy, it's a very strange time. Indeed you feel that you've got to stop and do nothing right now. There's suspension which is driving you crazy, I know, but, although this is a strange time for you, it is a time for you to be in touch with your intuition and your emotion. You are someone who is deeply loving and caring, your very compassionate and you adore people. you're very creative and because you've got such a good idea and an eye for detail it is essential that you do nothing until you're sure in the way that you want to proceed. You command respect from other people for you're mature beyond your years and you've mastered a lot of skills so you deserve it. You should be someone who is linked with the arts. Music, teaching or even the caring profession, anywhere where you can be emotional expressive. But you've got to a point now where you're on to something and you need to sit on an emotional island and work things through. Proceed only when you're ready. You're more spiritual in this matter than ever before and indeed you may be going between important events. Things may turn around and change. There may be some sort of sacrifice involved here. But if you're honest with yourself you know it was necessary and there's a great personal value attached to this and nothing disastrous will happen, for you know in your heart the experiences you are now going through are necessary. They're helping you learn about yourself so you're wiser and therefore you are more mature and practically knowledgeable about the subject in hand.

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Ally Bee
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Ally Bee

PIN: 600574

577 Ratings

I am a compassionate Medium and Tarot card reader. The gift I have has been passed down from the generations of my family, my grandmother used to read tea leafs and my uncle was a medium. I first saw ...

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PIN: 600144

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I'm an Indian Mystic and Chakra Advisor with a cultured gift from the Great Spirit and guidance from The Ancient Fathers. I have been practicing and studying the Esoteric arts and Universal Law for ov...

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PIN: 500422

223 Ratings

As a child I used to watch my Grandmother give tea leaf readings and as I grew up I stared to become more and more aware that I was also naturally gifted. This awareness got stronger over time and abo...

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For the past 40 years I have given readings. I have had my gift since I was a young child, it was passed to me through my Grandma. Just before she passed away she told me she was going to leave me som...

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PIN: 600799

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I am a psychic clairvoyant with 20 years experience. I work full time as a psychic, this is not a hobby for me. I am straight forward; I do not sugar-coat. I work through your name, voice and auras. I...

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Gigi by Drew Rated: 5 

An Absolute genuine reader! Gave me so much information without be told or led! Picked up on incredible things. Fingers, hearts, minds and everything else crossed on the big future prediction! Highly, highly recommend.

Ally Bee by KPRated: 5 

I would give Ally Bee 100 stars if I could. Wonderful reader and so kind. Very consistent in her readings reads way beyond the cards. Great empath and very spiritual. Describes others so accurately as if she knew them and with much clarity. One of the best.

Sue D by ADR1600Rated: 5 

She connected with my situation well. I hope her prediction comes to pass.

Les by AnonRated: 5 

I would recommend Les, quick with his information and accurate. Really good reading and I will come back for another reading.

Debbie by Candice Rated: 5 

She’s just a fairy godmother lol her predictions gives me chills. She predicted not one not 2 but 4 people that I was going to meet within 2 weeks time and I’ve met the exact same description people already 3 of them .. waiting on the 4th one. She described them to the T including one celebrity one.

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