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The Hanged Man and The Page of Swords

You have chosen the Hanged Man and the Page of Swords. The page of Swords shows you are going into a situation where you feel you do not have enough knowledge. That's because your plans are in their infancy. There are minor irritating setbacks going on but nothing physical that you couldn't cope with. These are just scattered thoughts that cause you to feel muddled and mixed up. You will get clever as you go along and gain a little bit more knowledge and this backwards and forwards that you are experiencing is necessary for you to make more progress, for you will work out that these minor setbacks that irritate and annoy you, are a downright general nuisance, mean that you're no longer someone who is inexperienced, for we all need to cope with some troubles and minor setbacks in order to develop. So that we are capable of dealing with things that grow and manifest in the future, with a little experience of practice and knowledge. So the Hanged Man is telling you that this is a time to look at your expressions and to deal with our imagination. You've got to see life differently right now and these upsets and minor setbacks are all part of the big plan. You've got to be a bit of a rebel and look at life from a completely altered angle. The different perspective on life will make you feel odd for you're used to being someone who rushes around. This is a time to do nothing. It'll make you feel lazy and strange. You really need to keep going with knowing that you're getting in touch with yourself from the perspective of looking at things from a slightly unusual angle. ]That the setbacks you're experiencing are because you're someone that's normally on the move all the time. You're very impetuous. This is a time for you to be still. To listen at what's going on inside of you and then you'll know when to make the right move.

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Melody J by DonnaRated: 5 

Thank you Melody for you fantastic reading last night you were so precise about what is happening in my life and about the spirit around which is my dad. I have never had any reader made me feel so at ease with them. You are amazing, flamboyant on point, I am grateful. I will be back. Thanks.

Les by SouciRated: 5 

Thank you so much Les for the amazing reading. It has helped me feel calmer about the decision ahead. There was so much information given, which I could confirm (spot on with the new car). No doubt you have an amazing gift. Highly recommended. Love and light.

Michaela by AnonRated: 5 

I had a reading with the very lovely Michaela today to let her know that her prediction came true about me getting my dream job! Wow! This lady is so gifted and so lovely and inspirational to speak to. Michaela's predictions do come true and I highly recommend a reading with this wonderful lady xxx

Janette by IshaRated: 5 

Brilliant!!! She picked it all.

Kats by SamRated: 5 

Kats reading has been playing on my mind! She has this clear vision and describes things in very detail, good or bad she'll say it all as she is direct. I’m excited for the future and I look forward to what’s about to unfold for me. Thanks xx

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