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The Hanged Man and The Ace of Swords

You have chosen Hanged Man and the Ace of Swords. The Hanged Man works with the planet Neptune which deals with the expressions and the imagination that we have. It's to do with the links to our dreams and the visions and reflections that we have of our world. you're being asked to just stay still at this moment in time. This is a time for you to think and see things from a completely different perspective. This is why you see the Hanged Man as upside down. you're being asked to look at things in a way that is different to your normal every day thinking and you to take no action until you've worked things out, which shows there is new beginnings in store for you. This is a time for you to contemplate the way in which you will use your will, your energy and your force to get what you need. There's two sides to everything and this is why you're being asked to look at both sides and not to immediately opt for your normal situation. This new idea of yours is causing you to have a complete different way of thinking. you're cutting away from what you normally do and going towards a victory and seeing things very differently from now on. You're being asked to view life from an unusual angle, possibly to be more spiritual and less materialistic. Perhaps things need you to just cool it for a while, and do nothing. Whatever is happening you will realise there will be some sort of sacrifice to be made but you know really, deep down, how important and how necessary this really is. So although the experiences you are going through may be difficult and downright hard work and some of it a little bit painful. You are moving on and through the changes of moving on, you're getting where you want to be. Things aren't the same any more you don't want them to be,, but all change is disruptive and difficult and this time you're looking at things differently before you act, so that you are wise and renewed and you're learning a lot more about the kind of person you really are.

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Rose by MeenaRated: 5 

My “go-to psychic” wasn’t online. But I’m so glad I tried Rose moon by chance. She’s so friendly & kind. It’s a no nonsense reading. Picks up on everything quite fast. And accurate. This gives me reassurance her predictions will also come to pass. Really enjoyed the reading. I would 100% recommend!

Rose by ARated: 5 

She is really very good, picked up very well on my situation.

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I had an incredible reading with Gabby. She picked up on my situation easily and gave me hope and clarity. I will definitely call again!

Cheyanne by DilleRated: 5 

I got important information about career prospects coming up. My career has been shaky. Some information regarding one offer will be revealed to me. The other upcoming offer is related to what I have been doing for years locally. It will all come at me at the same time.

Cheyanne by SARated: 5 

Spot on reading and such a lovely lovely person!

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