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The Fool and The Three of Pentacles

You have chosen the fool and the three of pentacles. The fool is linked with new beginnings and the start of something new. This is because it works in conjunction with the planet Uranus, Uranus is all about confusion revolutionary changes where things will not be the same for you. This is to do with your employment if you're employed in a small work environment things are one the move for you there is an elevated position coming very soon for you this is not to do with matters of self employment but it is to do with the start of something new, where you're working from the bottom and working your way upwards. There is skill and training involved in this venture. Eventually you will be dealing with a large group of people this could be a link to dealing with an environment of work that is to do with schools, universities, hospitals or somewhere where you are learning new skills. It is indeed an important skill that you are able to communicate with others; this is indeed an opportunity to prove that you are a unique individual and that you have a mind of your own. And yes you're looking for excitement and this is the new direction that you've been looking for that will bring your personality to the forefront. Obviously all changes are associated with a little bit of disruption, so expect the unexpected, it's about fresh beginnings and stepping out into the unknown, but new doors are opening into your world and they will open new skills that perhaps you never new you had. This is an important time for you, it's time to achieve exactly what you want to do and being jack of all trades, will certainly help you come up with some stimulating plans for your future. So have an idea of how the finished product will be in your mind. By having a concept of how things will look all the individual components can be fitted together this will help you manifest the chance to greater freedom through looking at things in a new and broader perspective.

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