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The Fool and The Six of Cups

You have chosen the fool and the six of cups. The six of cups is a card of the past. It's about the nostalgia and the feeling that we have looking back on old friends, family, and childhood. It's a time for swapping gifts and getting in touch with people from our past. Maybe you're missing someone or something about your family or your homeland -you're reminiscing. It's nice to look back; maybe you want to reconcile your differences with someone else? But certainly if you're thinking about someone, it would be nice for you to try and communicate. This is probably linked to the confusion because of the things happening around you. There have been lots of new beginnings and lots of starts in something new. The confusion is around the fool, as there's a na?vet? in starting what you're doing, and it's linked to the planet Uranus, which is about changes where things will not be the same. This is what makes us uncomfortable when change and disruption come in. It's time to expect the unexpected, for you will not be disappointed -there's so many changes coming in, you just like to look back, and let others know how well you're doing. There are lots of surprises and shocks, and you've really been taken by a series of events that's happening rather quickly. But as the fresh beginnings come into your life, you're thinking about old friends and family, in a way that makes you feel appreciative of where you are today and possibly for these people to acknowledge how far you've come. You're now being asked to look at all the different talents and skills that you didn't know you had, and maybe your mind is working overtime. You may be feeling positive, but you may be feeling that there is a lot of change and you are dealing with things in the best way you can, but it's really time to enjoy yourself, and know that all these things are meant to be. You're gaining a knowledge and experience that you are looking at from an appreciation of the people and the friends that have had an influence within your life. So this is a time of joy where you are embracing all of the bits and pieces that are coming your way, and realising that you're starting another chapter, but that does not mean that you're closing the doors on the past. It's just an acknowledgment of appreciation of the friends and family that have been involved in your journey up till now.

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Emily has been my go-to reader for the past few months. She has such a calm voice that it puts you at ease instantly. Most of her predictions have already come to pass. Highly recommend a session with her.

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Jason is a lovely person. He has got amazing vision with all his predictions, short term and long term, come to pass!! Thank you Jason for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you! xx

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Very good and very positive

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She is very accurate! I noticed she doesn't give a ton of specific details when you ask follow up questions. Whatever comes through initially is what is given I found it hard to delve and get additional info. That said, it should NOT deter you - she is truly connected!

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