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The Fool and The Queen of Pentacles

You have chosen the fool and the queen of pentacles. Now is the time of new beginnings -there is the start of something new. These revolutionary changes mean that things will never be the same again. You are someone who is financially successful, and indeed, you have wealth, health and abundance around you. These cards are saying that whatever you do, you will be financially secure. You like nice things, therefore you are prepared to work for it, and you are someone that pays a lot of attention to minor detail. You are highly materialistic, and you are capable of being financially independent. You are someone who people seek for advice, for they look up to you: they see your success, creativity and your enterprising ways, and feel comfortable being around someone who they feel is trustworthy. You're able to utilise your time in the most efficient way. You're active, and your energy and efforts are always directed towards your world. You have a variety of skills and talents. But everything to you needs to be functional, as well as beautiful. You have a deep dislike of feeling obligated to others, and have an intense need for privacy. You resent any invasion into your personal boundaries, but you possess a cleverness and a curiosity which is adaptable. You are now faced with a change which will indeed throw you into chaos. This will be internal and external, but you will attempt to re-establish control through logical analysis and your preoccupation with detail. This change and disruption means you must expect the unexpected, but you will not be disappointed, for the changes are positive. There'll be lots of last minute surprises, and you may have to change your mind at the very last minute. You need to be as adaptable as possible, and prepare to alter everything and everyone around you. You are now being noticed and attracting the right sort of attention, particularly when it comes to matters of your career. The careers that are around you may be links with the forces, whether its with police, army, navy or military, financial independence may also come out in your career, with anything to do with numbers, numeracy, stocks, shares, or banking. However, there are many fresh beginnings in store for you, and your world is opening towards a new career, and a complete change of direction, but you have the skill and the talent to face all these challenges, and you will surely enjoy yourself. It's just time to work out exactly what you want and how you're going to achieve it so that you can put all of your energy into the right direction.

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Ameel by LianneRated: 5 

This reading from Ameel totally put my mind at rest. Got a certain date specified to look forward too. Feeling so much more confidant now brilliant reading thank you Ameel.

Diana by AnonRated: 5 

Spot on, with very clear and concise information about my work situation and POI. Highly recommend a reading with Diana.

Destiny Doctor by JelenaRated: 5 

Anna is a truly an incredible reader. She connected me with the loved person after being out of touch for some time. I thought this would not happen. Her predictions do come to pass. Anna is an extremely wise lady and a truly lovely person. If you need advise, you must contact Anna.

Tracy P by LRated: 5 

Best Reader on the site. Very insightful,honest truly gifted.

Justin by AngelRated: 5 

Justin this is Yasmin just wanted to say a massive thank you for the barrel of laughs in this reading about (I) i will definitely contact you back in the next month LNL

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