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The Fool and The Eight of Wands

You have chosen the fool and the eight of wands. The fool is card of new beginnings where you're starting out. This is the start of something completely new it's linked to work and to movement and travel. The fool works with the planet Uranus which is quite a confusing time for revolutionary changes mean that things won't be the same anymore. The eight of wands shows that you are in a very positive place indeed things are going to happen rather quickly good news is on its way to you and fast. Now this is usually a time offer of within eight weeks and this is plenty of air travel involved in your future. It's a very positive time good news travels fast. It's a time of adventures and actions they're very tangible the comings and goings that goes on with the outdoors, for the Wand family is linked to travel and movement anyway but the eight of wands is an exciting travel card. The movement and the enthusiasm around this means that you're physically creative and that therefore you do not rely on anyone but yourself, to make sure things happen. You're someone that craves adventure and you realize that good luck and good fortune come from investing in yourself, this is the optimistic spirit within you. You're ambitious but it's not to do with material success it's to do with the wisdom of enjoying life. You're enthusiastic and always look for space in which you can move and progress. You're looking for constant new opportunities and a variety to explore all your new ideas. As long as you're travelling mentally, spiritually and most of all physically this is the ingredient you always want. You're always looking for future possibilities that are bigger and better than you have right now. You get very impatient and you're in need of communicating your ideas to inspire other people you've got so much hopefulness and every experience to you is an adventure, where you treat it like a trial run for you realize that you have the opportunity to sort out mistakes later, but enjoy the valuable experiences from every lesson, whether they were painful or positive, without making yourself suffer. You have a talent to create something that's positive and complete, you always know what the finished product should look like in your mind and don't worry as long as you're on an adventure you'll fit the pieces together slowly, but surely enjoying yourself along the way.

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Drako Rouge by Michelle Rated: 5 

Very pleasant guy tuned in straight away tells you how it is and given me guidance definitely recommend and I’ll definitely be having another reading soon as we got cut off too soon thank you Michelle xxx

Manda by Bronwen Rated: 5 

Fantastic to speak with, I felt totally at ease and you totally picked up on something I had majorly suspected!! Sorry we got cut off it wouldn’t let me top up again but I will definitely come back to you in future I feel so much more focused on what’s needed in my path now x

Janette by DmbRated: 5 

I've just had another reading with Janette. She gave me so much information and how to deal with a twin flame relationship that I'm in. She really does look into your would and told me how to deal with it all. I'm truly grateful to you Janette and I will come back if I need more information!

Lizanne by DrewRated: 5 

Superb reading! Just spot on! Great stuff! Thank you.

Sue D by JosieRated: 5 

Thank you Sue! I always feel better after talking to you.

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