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The Fool and The Ace of Cups

You have chosen the fool and the ace of cups. This is a time of new beginnings, for both of these cards are all about the start of something new. The fool links with the planet Uranus which is all about confusion and revolutionary changes, things won't be the same for you again, you're off to a new start. Linked with the ace of cups, it shows that new beginnings are linked with a new love affair from the heart, this is emotions of love. You will either really love what you do, or you're going to get lucky. This is an opportunity for you to bring out the emotions inside of yourself; the message here is that you can really get this just right; you're going to have some wonderful times. This can be linked to the birth of an emotion; it can be linked to a child, a relationship with someone else, or the birth of a new and beautiful emotion, where you are happy and enjoying the emotions of joy, laughter and love. It's all about desire and contentment, and it shows that there's plenty of luck going on right now. You're being asked to look at the way in which we all make things happen. Before we can create anything that is complex and of a structure, we must have an idea of what we want for ourselves, so we must have the finished product in our mind. You've got to be conscious of it so that you are aware of your actions, otherwise nothing coherent can get on. The entire concept must be fitted together in your mind before you can bring in the individual components. This way then you can manifest exactly what you're setting out to achieve, for this is all about your goals and objectives, so you're being asked to look at what you want from life, and to think about how you'd like it to be. You've got to have some idea of what you truly want for yourself; otherwise you can't bring together your emotional needs of security: love, trust, within a relationship. As long as you're fully aware of what you want, and know exactly what you're trying to achieve for yourself, the fool and the ace of cups are helping you go on to discover new emotions that will create something that feels safe, lasting and in a structure where you feel completely at ease.

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This reading from Ameel totally put my mind at rest. Got a certain date specified to look forward too. Feeling so much more confidant now brilliant reading thank you Ameel.

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Best Reader on the site. Very insightful,honest truly gifted.

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Justin this is Yasmin just wanted to say a massive thank you for the barrel of laughs in this reading about (I) i will definitely contact you back in the next month LNL

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