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The Empress and The Three of Cups

You have chosen the Empress and the Three of Cups. The Empress is ruled by the Planet Venus which deals with the value of your possessions and the love and the romance within your life. It's the feminine side of everyone. It shows that you are looking after what is important to you. It's like the mother figure which shows the wealth, health and abundance that's important to you is worth looking after. It's about taking pride in what you feel is important. It's to do with your looks, your home, the clothes you wear or whether or not it is to do with the way in which you educate yourself. The Three of Cups talks about a celebration and it is linked to the water sign family. It's a card of celebration and joy and showing that there is intimacy. This is about a gathering to do with close friends or family where you are celebrating. You are toasting the birth or the engagement to do with family and friends. Maybe it's a wedding, christening, reunion or even the simple passing of exams but it shows intimacy. The number three is the number of creativity and this is a yes card to a question of hope and joy. It is the celebration of people who feel that emotion is important. It shows the love and affection that's all around you and it's linked with femininity and love and beauty. If you are someone who is already paired up with a partner then your loving relationship will go from strength to strength. This is a time for you to enjoy the satisfaction of beautiful things - places or people. This could also indicate that you are in a very happy relationship or are about to be involved with somebody - the Empress talks about happiness and the marriage and the joy of having children so it shows that these things are there to make you feel good. These are satisfying, rewarding and a nurturing cards for all of us; so if you are thinking of having children - whether or not you are with a partner it shows that this is important in your life - the Empress is about the things that we love and care about and feel that we wish to nurture and look after.

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I got important information about career prospects coming up. My career has been shaky. Some information regarding one offer will be revealed to me. The other upcoming offer is related to what I have been doing for years locally. It will all come at me at the same time.

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Spot on reading and such a lovely lovely person!

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