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The Empress and The Page of Cups

You have chosen the Empress and the Page of Cups. There are small messages of love and romance going on in your life but you are someone that does have a dreamy imagination. You're very easily influenced by others and can easily get into an infatuation. You are able to day dream your way into new ideas and seeing things in a very flamboyant way. This can lead to you having a little bit of a crush on somebody - the Empress suggests you would like this to go further for this is about the mother figure and the wealth, health and abundance that comes about from being a human being. It is a time for wanting to look after yourself. You are certainly looking for a little security as the Empress works in close conjunction with the Planet Venus which is all about valuing our possessions, our loved ones, and wanting the next thing that happens in our lives such as: engagement, romances, marriages and sex. It is the wanting to progress into something that makes us feel a sense of belonging. You are looking for love and affection around you. Don't forget it comes in many different ways. You are hoping that someone will sweep you off your feet and make everything right again. In fact it's possibly going on already but you are so busy day dreaming your way through life that sometimes you fail to see what's already there. Perhaps this is not just a time to link up with other people but to look after yourself and surround yourself with beautiful things with lots of very material comforts or maybe you are just looking to be satisfied by being part of nature and moving somewhere away from the City that is closer to nature. It's time to make the most of everything, not just your imagination but for you to develop and appreciate the people around you and the skills and talents that you have to offer. You are sometimes so busy deluding yourself with day dreams that you are sometimes only capable of believing what suits you - it's time to form some personal values of your own and to realise that you need to value and appreciate those already around you and to do things in life to satisfy yourself and not making yourself into someone who you feel others would like. You need to like yourself for those around you to know who you really are. Stop day dreaming and wishing that you are someone else - change your image and make the most of what you've got is the way to progress from here.

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Charmaine by HRated: 5 

Beautiful reading so positive and reassuring. Thank You.

Sue D by MichelleRated: 5 

Absolutely incredible. Sue was on point with everything. Thank you so much for sharing these insights with me.

Yasmin by FrancesRated: 5 

Very awesome unbelievable amazing reading.

Michael Ryan by Niamh Rated: 5 

Thanks a million you were spot on, things happened exactly a you said they would.

Sam by JanetRated: 5 

Dear Sam I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for explaining and most of all so spot on for the gentleman to be coming back in my life you saw this happening, his feelings towards me and a future relationship thank you thank you thank you Janet x

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