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The Empress and The Four of Swords

You have chosen the Empress and the Four of Swords. The Empress is ruled by the Planet Venus and this deals with the valued possessions in your life. It's love, romance, marriage, sex and the feminine side of each human being. The Empress is a mother figure which represents the health, wealth and abundance that is necessary for us to be creatures of comfort. It's the security that's provided from knowing there's a safe place waiting, that's a reflection of who we are. It's a looking after me time. You're being nurtured, taken care of - whether it comes from the material or the spiritual side of life. You are being asked to keep your strength in reserve however, for it shows that there have been difficulties and it is now time to rest and to plan and do nothing. You need to go into exile. Take some solitude and time to recover. This is time out for you - nurture yourself with time to think, lie down, recover and plan the wonderful things that you would like within your life. That way you will have a plan and a structure, but at the moment your strength really does need to be topped up by plenty of rest for you've worked extremely hard on certain situations that have sapped your energy. You will probably need a relationship which provides you with stimulating intellectual companionship and you would enjoy offering loyalty and commitment. You are somewhat of a flirt and you need a wide variety of contacts in order to satisfy everything. You love sharing anything from the spiritual to the artistic to the intellect - anything that allows you an emotional exchange of conversation taking place in some part will be a very productive relationship for you. It is time to take some time for you so that you are ready for all these exciting and wonderful opportunities that the Empress is making sure is around you right now. Some rest would prepared you for the exciting times that are coming your way.

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Gigi by Drew Rated: 5 

An Absolute genuine reader! Gave me so much information without be told or led! Picked up on incredible things. Fingers, hearts, minds and everything else crossed on the big future prediction! Highly, highly recommend.

Ally Bee by KPRated: 5 

I would give Ally Bee 100 stars if I could. Wonderful reader and so kind. Very consistent in her readings reads way beyond the cards. Great empath and very spiritual. Describes others so accurately as if she knew them and with much clarity. One of the best.

Sue D by ADR1600Rated: 5 

She connected with my situation well. I hope her prediction comes to pass.

Les by AnonRated: 5 

I would recommend Les, quick with his information and accurate. Really good reading and I will come back for another reading.

Debbie by Candice Rated: 5 

She’s just a fairy godmother lol her predictions gives me chills. She predicted not one not 2 but 4 people that I was going to meet within 2 weeks time and I’ve met the exact same description people already 3 of them .. waiting on the 4th one. She described them to the T including one celebrity one.

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