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The Empress and The Eight of Pentacles

You have chosen the Empress and the Eight of Pentacles. The Eight of Pentacles is a card of being self-employed. It's about making your money via your own skills and it's about working alone. Maybe you're about to train to do something or are already in the process of doing so. It is learning to do something on your own that is skilful. In fact you're carving out your own future. The Empress is asking you to value the possessions around you including material and spiritual for the love and romance and relationships around you are helping you to feel more at ease so that you can develop your skills within your work. The Empress is the mother figure of which you are being asked to look at for there is a mothering side of your nature whether you're male or female. It is the feminine side in everyone. This is asking you to nurture and look after what you care about including yourself, your friends and family and your work. There is much wealth, health and abundance around you within yourself. You are capable of securing your own future and looking after yourself for the Empress is a card of fertility. You are a practical person who is matter of fact and you've got your feet firmly on the ground which makes you a very good person to be trading with. You have new interests in life that cause you to be more aware and disciplined and dutiful towards the environment and the open space around There is more of an appreciation growing within your personality. This means you adopt a professional approach where you are of service to others particularly to do with work, especially if your job involves helping other people. The Empress is indicating that the good times will roll with plenty of material comforts. You are investing in the present for the future and security is deeply important to you but there is a more spiritual approach happening within yourself: an appreciation for the open space, environment around you. It's about making the most of your image and the most of your presentation if you're going to make the maximum progress so give yourself the opportunity to bring out the most of your talents because you are ambitious in attitude, which will certainly lead to your success.

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