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The Empress and The Ace of Pentacles

You have chosen the Empress and the Ace of Pentacles. The Empress shows that you are going through a phase of valuing your possessions. The things that are important to you such as your love, romance, marriage, the things that we want to form some value, the caring side of our nature. It's about looking after yourself and looking for some sort of security. The Ace of Pentacles shows that this security will be found within a new financial opportunity for you. The Ace of Pentacles is a card of wealth, it shows that you're going through a stage that is lucky and symbolises the wealth and the opportunities that are open to you. You will be capable of looking after things. There is plenty of wealth, health and abundance around you. Whatever you start to do will grow more than you thought possible for the Empress shows there are no limits and if you plant the seed correctly with your financial commitments they will grow. The Empress works in conjunction with the Planet Venus. You are planning for the future and wanting to settle. If you've already paired up with somebody then you're thinking of building from strength to strength. It is time to make the most of your image and your opportunities and it's the planning of material comforts for the future. You're probably being in a position where you feel you appreciate the humble little things that cause you to feel settled and you're feeling more dutiful and diligent. This ensures your attitude will cause you to secure success. There's an appreciation and a sense of security with the material possessions and the enjoyment of open space and you're now in a position to be practical and matter of fact and go off in some complete different directions because of the caring side of your nature brings that feeling of well being. The Empress is a card that causes us to long for beauty and pleasure and the need to feel that we are valued and loved. You are providing that for yourself by settling down providing an environment that makes you feel safe, secure and that you deserve and care to reflect your personality in the environment that is around you. It's about having stability and for observing the things that you hold close and dear to your heart. This reflection of having nice things around you is simply for the reason it brings you pleasure and satisfaction and causes you to feel secure. In other words it is bringing deep meaning into your life by making you feel that you are able to provide a future that is comfortable, secure and reflects a part of your personality for your own pleasure.

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Elsa by CarmelRated: 5 

I had another wonderful reading with Elsa today. Excellent link into Spirit was so reassuring and comforting. Elsa is truly gifted. Thank you so so much Elsa. X

Ruth by FrankieRated: 5 


Kendra by Lunar Rated: 5 

First call with Kendra ((29/6) and she was amazing. Only asked for a general relationship reading, but she picked up on the poi straight away in accurate detail, and gave clarification of how it would work out. Also gave details of a past relationship she couldn’t have known. Thanks lively lady x

Elsa by JanRated: 5 

Thank you Elsa such an in-depth reading so looking forward to the road ahead with my TF

Cathy by TRated: 5 

Just a validation - Cathy told me on the 23rd something would appear regarding work or money on the 23rd. I heard from my work that my pay was being shifted to a different classification. Well done Cathy I look forward to the rest of what you provided!

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