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The Emperor and The Three of Swords

You have chosen the Emperor and the 3 of Swords.The Emperor is about being in control and the 3 of Swords shows this has been difficult times for you in the past. This may be resurfacing and your past causes you to feel heartbreak and haunts you. The situation around you has been difficult and you've had a lot of mental anguish. This has been sorrowful times and a disappointment and possible heartbreak, but this is coming to a conclusion. You need to help it along and to take control and the lead out of situations that are no longer productive to the present. You can now have self-discipline and control to stop this emotional situation that has caused you to feel that you could not go forwards. You now have to nurture the situation and see that you did the best you can and that it is time now for a new chapter. You have to be in control of your self for the Emperor is telling you this is about self-discipline. You're someone who is very practical, down to earth and full of matter of fact discipline. You're very capable of being ambitious for you have a very strong, clever mind. This strong energy needs to come out mentally, emotionally and physically in order for you to feel that you're making progress, and no longer held back by some sorrowful situation, that caused you to feel that you could not take a step forwards in another direction. Things have definitely had to ripen in their own time and now it's time to break some new ground and you need some freedom to make your own decisions. This is a time of freshness and to use your greatest assets where you can translate your thoughts into reality now, rather than having to wait for waiting has been very difficult for you. You have a slight tendency to be in short supply of patience. You now need to move into a project where you're able to experience your own strength through a struggle that gives you every opportunity to try out something new and fresh. For you have a restlessness that's really impatient, full of course, but gets very frustrated when things lead you to feel there is boredom. Now is the time to start something new and to put the past where it belongs accepting that you did the things you could but now you're in control and you must get on with your own life.

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Probably the only honest psychic on this website. She actually tells the truth and she can see absolutely everything.

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Eleanor is an amazing psychic reader with a very kind heart. She has helped me develop the courage to see that life can be better and that dreams can become reality.

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Kendra is one of the best on here! Very accurate and sincere. Thank you always.

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Alice could sense the conflict in my daughter, she has also given me some good tips how to meditate for the situation. I am more aware of what the problem is now. Thank you Alice I pray things will improve between us.

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Million star reader XX

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