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The Emperor and The Six of Pentacles

You have chosen the Emperor and the 6 of Pentacles.You are someone that gets things done. You have a very clever, ambitious nature. You're able to take control of situations and you certainly should be the person who is the boss or the father figure within a group whether this is to do with profession or whether this is to do with an organization. You have fantastic qualities in which to raise funds and charities for those who are in need. You're organizational skills are amazing and they should certainly be put to good use. The 6 of Pentacles is about helping others, supporting people who are hard on their luck at the moment. It can be a humbling experience, but you have fantastic organizational skills and you are so capable of coming up with strategies and tactics that help people, who are down on their luck at the moment, receive some rewards and help from the big companies, for you are someone that takes action and you get things done. You have organizational skills and the ability to ask for money in just the right way from the people that can offer the most, so it's time to sit down, make those phone calls, write those letters, send those emails, anything that causes people to put their hand in their pocket and hand out money. You've got to set up the charity or the organization to fund raise something that you feel is close to your heart for the more involved and passionate you feel the more you can squeeze money out of those people who are capable of giving. It is just a question now of you working out which fund raising activity you're going to choose, after all there's so many. Once you get started you will gain a reputation for being an expert on these matters, so what are you waiting for, get it going for these cards are telling you that you have the true ability to make a difference to this world by your means of communication when it comes to matters of fund raising.

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