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The Emperor and The Queen of Pentacles

You have chosen the Emperor and the Queen of Pentacles.The Emperor shows that you are someone who has amazing self-discipline and control for this works with the star sign Aries, which is all about being the boss and in charge of things, that go on. You're very practical and have a logical approach to what you do. You're in control of your projects and you have a very strong determined attitude. This clever, ambitious nature of yours is always dealt with in a matter of fact strategy and yet the strong, hard working energy you have means that you will always been financially independent. Everything around you is to do with goods and possession in one-way or another. You work hard and you earn the right for things to happen and mature within their own time, but you are always, working towards major finances because you will always put your financial security first. You believe in the traditional approach. You're very earthbound and materialistic. Quite rooted in your beliefs. To you money is energy and energy is choice. You will be successful if you're not already for this is a time that suggests that you have wealth and abundance around you. You like nice things. That is the way that you inspire yourself to work hard. You pay a lot of attention to detail and you're highly materialistic. You may have links with service to others, whether this is to do with the forces, the navy, the army anything where you offer a service to another human being would be excellent. For you love order and harmony through acquisition of knowledge and skills and making a practical contribution to your environment. Everything is about being useful. You have a curiosity, which covers a variety of many things and combined with a desire to put this knowledge towards other people. As long as you are intellectually stimulated and feel that you have a sense of being helpful and of service to other people you will fare out fantastic.

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