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The Emperor and The Five of Wands

You have chosen the Emperor and the 5 of Wands.The 5 of Wands show that you're having physical battles. There are daily setbacks in life known as a mock battle here. You've got struggles going on with other people, which lead to a sense of adrenalin. This is a challenging time, particularly to do with your work, your career or your professional life. It is time for you to adopt a more father figure approach to what is necessary to be achieved within your career or your work. You must be the boss. You are in control, you are practical, you have ambition, you have a logical mind and you must use it. You must put together a clever strategy that wins you your full potential. You must be strong in your energy and work hard to achieve what you think is necessary. You're very matter of fact and need to adopt this to control those that feel lost and out of control sometimes. If you're leading a team; what is required here is that you must be authoritative. You can always be counted on particularly in times of trouble. This is about getting your status and achievement and receiving everything that you so richly deserve. You are definitely a hard worker and very responsible with what you do. No one could ever accuse you of not working hard. You have always given the maximum. You must show your power and authority from the place of work and be in control rather than part of the team. You must make sure that you do not become restless, for impatience is what causes you to get into a rage because of frustration. For you it's about independence this time and having the freedom to make your own decisions and break new ground. What you must watch out for is your impulsiveness, which leads you to assume that anything can be translated into reality now, rather than later. Waiting is hard for you, but your impatience can sometimes be seen as arrogant and causes you to abandon your goal before it's achieved; because of your inability to wait for things to ripen in their own time. Take note. You are hard working. Just make sure that others pull their weight around you and do so in an authoritative manner that is in control; but seen to be fair at the time and lead by example.

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Ella by Cara88Rated: 5 

Ella over the past few months it’s become such a privilege 2 know such a truly bright & genuinely compassionate soul. Even love the measure of good humor to lighten what at times for people can be such a heavy pass in our lives. I feel such kinship, trust & gratitude for Your generous heart. Pax~

Yvette by AtheenaRated: 5 

Had a few readings with Yvette and she is amazingly accurate. Plan a follow up reading today for an update, and to let her know her last predictions came to pass.

Janey by CarolynRated: 5 

Wonderful two days of help and guidance! Will be back with how things are progressing! Many thanks - :) Janey is the best!

Alma by AFRated: 5 

Alma is consistently accurate, information flows with ease from spirit. An amazing reader. Thank you.

Jane O'Hara by AnonRated: 5 

Jane is an absolute joker! Always spot on and in tune. I will definitely remember you when I’m wealthy so you can be my personal reader hahaha! Speak again soon xxx

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