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The Emperor and The Eight of Wands

You have chosen the Emperor and the 8 of Wands.The Emperor requires for you to be in control of your practices. This is usually linked to work or matters of career. You need more control over what you're doing because you are clever, logical and ambitious. Your cleverness has a very strong energy which delivers things through in a matter of fact way. This needs you to nurture what you're doing with matters to do with work, career or your professional status. You have self-discipline and control that is very good for you. You need to be the boss of what you're doing and to see things through as if you were the father figure taking care of what is important to you in matters of work. The 8 of Wands tell us that you are in mid flight of what you're doing and doing very well. It's a very positive time and things are happening very quickly around you. There is plenty of good news around you which is traveling fast towards you and usually a time offer of within 8 weeks is definitely set for matters to do with business or anything to do with travel, particularly air travel. There is certainly good news traveling towards you very quickly, but it is not here fully yet. You know that you must work hard which I am aware you're doing; l but you need to be a little bit more authoritative. You can always be counted on in times of trouble, but at last you're on your way to your status and achievement where you will get the recognition you deserve for all your hard efforts. You have many responsibilities but you deal with them in a matter of fact way. It is time for you to handle any money matters in a controlled yet confident manner because you are optimistic. You may need to speculate to accumulate, as the adventure of the enterprise you're entering will be the main motivation. You'll do best to approach the experience to do with matters of work as if it was a trial run before the real thing comes along. You have optimism and adventurous streak, which helps you, try out new things, but you are deeply aware that there is time to correct any mistakes to create the better future. You're gifted at extracting important lessons from difficult or painful experiences; so that the experience helps you to exploit promising situations that otherwise might be overlooked. Material ambition is probably on its way to you, but it is not necessarily your goal. This is a means for you to pursue greater wisdom into more glorious dreams.

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Sue D

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I am a natural born Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I read with the use of the Tarot cards, Angel cards, Crystal ball, coloured ribbons and the pendulum to give you an insight into your future. I spec...

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I have been a Clairvoyant and Psychic since a young age. It was passed down from my Grandmother. Why not call me for an in-depth one to one reading. I use Tarot and Angel cards for inner guidance and ...

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I am an Intuitive tarot reader. I work with not only the Tarot but also with Oracle cards, Angel Cards, Fairy cards, as well as dreams, the Law of Attraction and also colour. I am an empath and will o...

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Phoenix by lasirenaRated: 5 

Amazing as usual love her.

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Excellent reader and very accurate.

Jane O'Hara by KarimRated: 5 

Thank you so much dear Jane for being with the wonderful Angela my spiritual guide helping me beyond words with your inspiring readings and our uplifting conversations. I feel energised, confident and positive just like catching up with a friend. Vive la Vie chere Amie !

Kendra by User64550Rated: 5 

Thanks so much Kendra! My credits got over. The reading made me feel very calm, and reassured. Plus kendra was so on point and so quick with all the energies!! Would definitely recommend her.

Phoenix by RRated: 5 

Brilliant! Wonderful person and so insightful.

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