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The Emperor and The Eight of Cups

You have chosen the Emperor and the 8 of Cups.The 8 of Cups shows you're moving on through experience. It is time to move forwards and move on. Perhaps you are leaving behind an emotional gap in life and abandoning the life that you know as yours and you are walking away leaving some sort of old life behind you, but you must move on. Perhaps you're feeling homesick but you know there is a need to move forwards and move on. Within a month new things will happen and the leaving behind of those that you love and care about will not be easy. This will show you that you are maturing because life has asked you to move forwards and experience some new times. The Emperor is telling you that this is about self-discipline and control. It is about being in control of you and being a father figure to yourself. It is being the boss of your own life and it is a very controlling and practical solution to what you know to be true. You have a very strong, clever and ambitious mind and you're very logical with a matter of fact attitude. Although this emotional pull seems to want to hold you back you have restlessness in your nature to go and discover adventures and see new cultures and climates. It is important that you release this. You can always go back and visit friends and family any time you like. There is a sensitive side to your nature that cares deeply about those around you and you care so much about home that you never think you'd leave it but it is important for you to move on and move forwards and experience life and it's rich tapestries, running back whenever you like and seeing the people that you love and care about realizing that there are planes, telephones and messages that can be left and given to the loved ones. The Emperor is all about restless energy that needs to be released. You must always have a plan or a project on the go. It is important that you are always stimulated. If you're not stimulated and have a strategy or focus to something you are likely to feel, depressed, down in the dumps and frustrated. This frustration causes you to have a little bit of a temper sometimes, it comes out in a way that is explosive and quite alarming for those around that normally find you very easy going. You're certainly somebody that could not be described as lazy. You are very hard working. In fact if you were your own boss you would probably work 24 hours 7 days a week just for the sheer love of it. You will be successful but it is not the success that drives you forwards, it is the taking part of the adventure of life that stimulates you to put your full energies into everything.

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