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The Devil and The Six of Swords

You have chosen the Devil and the 6 of swords. . The 6 of Swords explains that you are at last making progress. You're going into calmer times, for someone is helping you lead your way out of troubled times. You're allowing someone else to lead the way and take over for a while. This has been an unsettling period and this is a passage away. It's time to move on and to realise you need to put your problems behind you. It's all about a new way of thinking and being shown a different approach. The Devil is a card of temptation, and it shows that your approach has been through temptation to lead yourself into unhappiness. We all suffer from this from time to time. That's because the Devil card is all about being materialistic. It deals with our status and reputation and makes us a little bit greedy. By being greedy we tend to enslave ourselves into a situation where we feel trapped, that we cannot rescue ourselves from the circumstances we find ourselves in and that we know that we got ourselves in. But how do we get ourselves out? We all are a slave to material cares of this world, but you're being asked now to turn your back on your old behaviour and to continue making progress, for you've got someone showing you the way and leading you out of difficult circumstances. Even though there are no guarantees, you are trusting the gut feeling inside you to leave behind this emotional bondage and throw away some of your material cares. It really is time to stick to a certain path, otherwise you'll be tempted and disappointed once again. Maybe you've had a group of people around you that's caused you to feel that you've had to keep up, but you really need to be confident enough to say to yourself you're looking for a more spiritual aspect. You need more peace of mind, where you are finding out that certain things in life are free such as friendship and simple, humble, everyday feel-good factors of life such as a walk, or to be near an environment that is calming and soothing or invigorating. You need to find somewhere where you feel at one with yourself and in control of your confidence, for you've been led astray by just trying to keep up with other people and what they seem to be doing. You've realised the struggle isn't worth it and you're becoming much harder to fool. You're becoming astute and quite worldly. You're now trying to break free and you're looking for another way to survive. This is all about your own self worth and you've got a sense of responsibility which is now taking priority over your past.

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Ella by Cara88Rated: 5 

Ella over the past few months it’s become such a privilege 2 know such a truly bright & genuinely compassionate soul. Even love the measure of good humor to lighten what at times for people can be such a heavy pass in our lives. I feel such kinship, trust & gratitude for Your generous heart. Pax~

Yvette by AtheenaRated: 5 

Had a few readings with Yvette and she is amazingly accurate. Plan a follow up reading today for an update, and to let her know her last predictions came to pass.

Janey by CarolynRated: 5 

Wonderful two days of help and guidance! Will be back with how things are progressing! Many thanks - :) Janey is the best!

Alma by AFRated: 5 

Alma is consistently accurate, information flows with ease from spirit. An amazing reader. Thank you.

Jane O'Hara by AnonRated: 5 

Jane is an absolute joker! Always spot on and in tune. I will definitely remember you when I’m wealthy so you can be my personal reader hahaha! Speak again soon xxx

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