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The Devil and The Six of Cups

You have chosen the Devil and the 6 of Cups. Do not be upset by the Devil card, it simply means temptation. The 6 of Cups shows this is a time for nostalgia and that you are thinking back to the past. This is a time of feeling a little lonely for family. Maybe you would like your childhood back or maybe you've got plenty of childhood memories from the past. This card can mean that you are going to be reconciled with someone from the past. We've all got the Devil in us and maybe you are tempted to play and be too materialistic and physical. The Devil represents physical and materialistic needs and gain. We've got the Devil in us, but must not be charged by any material greed to do with family members. There is a naughty streak within the Devil which means that you've got a bit of a nerve and that you might be tempted to wind people up or give them a hard time. Just take a more spiritual and a more traditional approach to the matters in hand. You have such a deep respect for tradition and it has proved its worth to you time and time again, even through struggle. You've acquired the experience of enjoying failure as well as success. This has made you astute and worldly and you are hard to fool. There is a powerful longing to break free and explore your more imaginative side yet there is a preoccupation within you to create self-imposed limits. Your self-control must not close the door on any fun just because it seems a little self-indulgent. The message here is to get the balance right. You do have a deep sense of responsibility towards family and the past. It usually takes precedence of pleasure. You're very good at keeping promises and deal with your duties with care and integrity. Don't devalue anything which seems to come too easily just because it's not been hard to achieve. You're pretty good at coping with loneliness better than most people because you have an inner strength and a discipline to keep working towards the goal, no matter how difficult the obstacles seem. You just need to make sure that you're not too proud to ask for help.

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Ambriel by IreneRated: 5 

Thank you very very much for calming me and resetting my thoughts on what I thought was going on around me. You have brought a whole new perspective to my situation and how I look at it. Amazing xx

Greg by FrancinaRated: 5 

Greg is a special reader and a special human being. He is so connected to spirit and the Godhead and always comes from the heart.

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Lady Ember has made a tremendous difference in how I see myself in my life. She has been a catalyst for how I see myself and how I can focus my creative energies. She is a wonderful psychic. Very grateful for my readings.

Venne by George KRated: 5 

Very truthful.

Angelic Light by Jackiev Rated: 5 

Very good, picks up a lot. Waiting for predictions. The best on here I think. Nice lady as well. Clear.

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