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The Devil and The Queen of Pentacles

You have chosen the Devil and the Queen of Pentacles. The Devil is the card of temptation and it deals with the status and reputation of our working life. You have a temptation to work far too hard towards material needs. It can be seen as greedy, for you have an emotional bind that addicts itself towards material gain. You realise that sometimes you work far too hard and this puts you out of balance. The rest of your life is on hold while you work extremely hard towards a goal or a strategy linked to knowledge, education or your career. Sometimes you are out of balance, for you forego everything else to the exclusion of enjoying life and being in balance and harmony with little things like friends, family and hobbies. Even holidays can sometimes be put on hold through your involvement with a project and a plan to do with material or financial gain. This is because you nurture your position so well and you realise that wealth and abundance are necessary. You're financially independent in this work and you have indeed become very successful at it, but you're highly materialistic and because you like nice things you're prepared to work extremely hard to surround yourself with nice things that can cost a lot of money. You work extremely hard in creating a sense of order and harmony through the acquisition of the skills and knowledge that you've learned. It's very important to you to have the desire to have stability and you need to make a practical and useful contribution that materialises into something lasting and stable, but you can sometimes be a little bit highly strung and you're scared when it comes to change. You need to feel that you are being helpful and stimulated by a variety of things that create some sort of balance and order in the harmony that you acquire your knowledge and skill within.

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