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The Chariot and The Two of Wands

You have chosen the Chariot and the 2 of wands.The 2 of wands tells us that you are working towards a partnership with somebody. Perhaps this is a business partnership. It would be best if you had a gap in the relationship and wasn't too close to the person that you're dealing with. As long as there is a little distance between the two of you, you'll be fine. However, this could be a lonely partnership where you pay the price of success. You need to contemplate the future and wonder is this what I want or not. This is because the Chariot is about the sensitivity of our home life and ourselves which is making you more sensitive to the comings and goings of life. The Chariot deals with things that happen on the ground, any movement to do with road travel, anything that needs starting off from scratch and a base to be built. It's also about the spiritual side of you moving in a much more positive direction. It's a card of new contracts and directions. You have a need for material and emotional security in which to provide base from which you feel that you can accomplish with the knowledge that there is a safe place in waiting for you while you set out on your new ventures. Although you are hard and impenetrable on the outside, you're a little vulnerable and definitely sensitive on the inside. You need to protect yourself against any hurt and disappointment but you also need to be realistic that you are surprisingly tough and one of life's true survivors. You sometimes have a cautiousness which is to do with your preoccupation with security. This security can be provided by your close family, a reliable job or an indispensable role in a social setting. You need to call upon the Chariot for your drive and energy. This will help you negotiate any obstacles that you are facing. It's to do with your mental and physical abilities guiding you along, helping you get in touch with your intuition and your spiritual side, which helps you with any willpower that's necessary to get through the struggles towards a satisfying result. As long as you keep a personal space within the relationship that you're forming to do with business ventures, everything should come out just fine. Just chose a direction and stick with it. It doesn't matter which way you choose to go first, whichever choice is left to you, you can do that later. It's simply a matter of keeping your distance and acquiring yourself a little personal space in which you can come up with your maximum ability for success.

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Tamryn is a very competent, cheerful and confident reader who lives in the moment relaying the situation as it is, albeit with the help of the tarot. The expression of the reading is from her deep intuitive soul & the cards are only there 2give the basic shape 2what is being said.Ty u once more, Cha

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I LOVE Moonstone! I feel completely safe in her hands and her readings calm me down and help me to focus with more clarity and peace. My favourite xxx

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I had questions and she answered them all clearly. First time having a reading and feeling every question had been answered adequately. She is very good.

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