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The Chariot and The Ten of Pentacles

You have chosen the Chariot and the 10 of Pentacles. This is a time for you to sort out the comings and goings and things that happen off the ground. Your spiritual side is moving in a much more positive direction and it is indeed a time of going in new directions and making new contacts. There is a sensitivity around you to do with your home life. Financially the 10 of Pentacles is a card of very big money. This is to do with large financial transactions usually based on family money or money from real estate, maybe to do with the buying and selling of houses and land. Maybe it is hereditary family money that you have inherited. You must learn that you cannot please other members of the family and if indeed you are dealing with family money you may be dealing with probate. Indeed you will set up for long distance future but there will be quibbles about the jealousy of others around you. This is to do with ownership and the property matters that are linked to the money concerned. There can be jealousy and sour grapes going on whether it is to do with close family or your immediate family, but you must not be too sensitive. You are the person that is responsible for doing the job better than they can and your sensitivity definitely means that you are the correct person but you must not be swayed by what others say, for indeed it is your judgement that is necessary to make the best of the opportunity that's been given to you with these finances. You must be hard and realistic about how to protect the money concerned. You are certainly someone who is vulnerable, and you feel the rejection of close family but you have a strength that will move you forwards towards the goal that you're trying to achieve looking for the security to provide your close family with the material and emotional security to form a base for everyone's financial success of the future. Be as intuitive as possible and pick up on non verbal forms of communication by those around you. Treat the situation with empathy and judgement and use your intuition to guide you along for this is based on knowledge and experience of life which will protect all those concerned for the future.

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Julie by LARated: 5 

Mr. sent a friendship post the same day. I ignored it. The other guy did show up. You were also correct about his age. The date went as you stated it would which was different for us but nicer. He wants to go out again as you stated. Both situations are playing out as you called it.

Miriam by AnneRated: 5 

Absolutely brilliant reading with Miriam, she is so lovely to talk to and was incredibly accurate about the situation i enquired about. Definitely recommend a reading. Thank you.

Val by ARated: 5 

Val gave me 6 names throughout the reading and I recognised each one and explained my Father to a tee! I was very impressed with her accuracy of clairvoyance. She also put my mind at rest about the person I was asking after and I look forward to hearing from him soon. Thank you Val x

Janette by TerryRated: 5 

Great reading very accurate.

Michael Ryan by GracefulmoonRated: 5 

Great reader. Pretty amazing.

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