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The Chariot and The Seven of Wands

You have chosen the Chariot and the 7 of wands.The Chariot is a card that links with the star sign Cancer which deals with your home life and your emotions. It's about the sensitivity you feel and it deals with the willpower of the sheer determination of making sure that you mentally and physically make sure the actions of what you want happens. The Chariot is about getting things off from the ground and making sure that things happen. It's a card of transport and the comings and goings of life. Your spiritual side is moving in a very positive direction with this card and it shows it's a time of new contracts for you and directions. This shows this is a time of actions and adventures. It's the comings and goings of the outdoors and you're in for lots of travel and movement. This is a time to be enthusiastic as well as very physically creative for you are just that. You're in a place of advantage when it comes to matters of work. You're in a position to defend yourself. This is a time of action. You can relax now because you're on very high ground and you're staying on top of every given situation making very good progress. This is a positive time and a very privileged position. You're able to do very well for yourself. You're always ahead of the attack, particularly when it comes to matters of your career. The action you take is to defend yourself easily for you keep you plans to yourself and you'll always make sure that you are observant. You're one step ahead of everyone else. You observe, you keep all your cards to your chest and you don't let other people know what your plans are, so you're a key player and you will be doing very well in matters of your career. Any direction you chose to take right now as long as you are emotionally happy with what you're doing will be a very big success. Choose to go into a direction where you feel that you can manifest the willpower to go for even more in promotion when it comes to your career.

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Crystal Waters
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Crystal Waters

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994 Ratings

I'm a professional clairvoyant with a vast amount of experience. I'm extremely intuitive and can pick up around situations using words and signs that come through as part of my intuition. I love natur...

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I’m a natural born 3rd generation psychic and I have a little over 5 years experience professionally but I have known about my abilities my whole life for as long as I can remember. I first discovered...

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I am an intuitive-sensitive empath, psychic and clairvoyant with over 25 years' experience in Tarot reading. I love helping people to connect to the insights of the cards, of spirit, and of their high...

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I am a very experienced Tarot card reader and psychic medium. You can choose between having a general reading or on a specific subject or question. I am empathic, understanding and non-judgmental. I w...

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Claire S
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Claire S

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Hello you Beautiful Soul! I’m a Tarot reader and spiritual Empath who was born with a caul/veil which is said to give the child a third eye, psychic ability and an ability to connect to people's energ...

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Elsa by CarmelRated: 5 

I had another wonderful reading with Elsa today. Excellent link into Spirit was so reassuring and comforting. Elsa is truly gifted. Thank you so so much Elsa. X

Ruth by FrankieRated: 5 


Kendra by Lunar Rated: 5 

First call with Kendra ((29/6) and she was amazing. Only asked for a general relationship reading, but she picked up on the poi straight away in accurate detail, and gave clarification of how it would work out. Also gave details of a past relationship she couldn’t have known. Thanks lively lady x

Elsa by JanRated: 5 

Thank you Elsa such an in-depth reading so looking forward to the road ahead with my TF

Cathy by TRated: 5 

Just a validation - Cathy told me on the 23rd something would appear regarding work or money on the 23rd. I heard from my work that my pay was being shifted to a different classification. Well done Cathy I look forward to the rest of what you provided!

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