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The Chariot and The Page of Pentacles

You have chosen the Chariot and the Page of Pentacles. This is the time for happenings on the ground. Your spiritual side is moving in a much more positive direction. You are now experiencing new contracts and directions for the Chariot is a card of things happening on the ground and the comings and goings to do with real everyday matters. The Chariot is linked closely with the star sign Cancer which means you've got an increased sensitivity right now and you're feeling exposed and vulnerable and in need of a safe place and an environment you can call your own. There is a message of a new financial opportunity on its way to you. You're someone who has very fixed focus. You're capable of studying deeply whether you're young or old. You love learning ways to train and make more money. You are always happy when you're educating yourself. The Pentacle people are all about goods and possessions in one way or another. Everything to do with work and anything that you have earned and worked for will happen slowly. Everything is about financial security for you seeing is believing. You are quite rooted and earthbound. That means you are set in your ways and you are quite materialistic. You realise that money is energy and energy is choice. You're constantly developing your self esteem and you're inner sense of authority. You work slowly and patiently towards the responsibilities and duties that you need. You have the need to feel that you have to create something that will last and outlive you. This is where you will be most fulfilled when you work on a project that is lasting and worthwhile. It is increasingly important to you that this improves the life of others. As long as things are in order and things are ticking along anything practical and useful makes you happy. There is always this need for material and emotional security, so you now need to provide a base in which you feel that you can work with the knowledge that there is a safe place that you can call your own. Security is important to you. This can be provided by a family, a job or a role within a professional group. As long as you feel that you are needed you can take the time and the trouble to do something worthwhile that is everlasting you will feel satisfied.

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Just fantastic. Bright tarot knowledge very empathic. Reads the human condition with humor and grace Very cool old soul.

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Excellent reading very accurate, beautiful lady, tune in amazing, I enjoy every minute thank you.

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Best reader on site... My go to reader and so lovely, accurate & quick. Gives good insight.

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Mega impressed. Her profiling was utterly spot on about situations and people. Brilliant

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100% go to reader! Direct and delivers in the kindest possible way!!

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