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The Chariot and The Eight of Swords

You have chosen the Chariot and the 8 of Swords.The 8 of Swords has made you feel that you are restricted and this is just a mental restriction. It means that your thoughts and feelings are all tied up. Unfortunately, you're a victim of your own circumstances. You should have sorted out this problem earlier. This relates to something that decided to present itself early on. You chose to put a blindfold on, ignore it and go another way. Now it's back and you're still choosing not to see things clearly. Unless you do something, matters will be taken out of your hands and you'll find that things are far more severe and serious than you thought. You're limited in the way that you're thinking and you really need to sort this out. If you take off the blindfold and look at all the mini components and fit the pieces together, you'll see the whole picture instead of choosing to stick your head in the sand and see no way out. There are 3 or 4 different options available to you right now. You really need to look at all of them, but you need a strategy and you need some sort of concrete plan of where you want to be, otherwise you're just stumbling from one place to another. Have a plan in mind. There's no point in trying to deal with bit by bit when you really don't know where you're going to end up. The Chariot is trying to help you now and showing you that there are two directions at least that would work. It's about the comings and goings that happen in the material sense of life but it's also trying to lead you into a more positive side which is working towards your spiritual aspirations. You're moving now into different directions and you will form some new contacts, but you really need to sort this mental anguish out before you start with your new links for if you carry this into the future it will hold you back and restrict you even further until you'll be left with no choice but to do what someone else dictates to you. You do not want matters to be taken out of your hand. Try to be confident. Have the courage. You can cope with this. The Chariot is telling you that you have the willpower and the determination and energy and drive to make this happen and sort this out now. Don't put it off any longer.

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Alexis by JosephRated: 5 

Thank you, Alexis. This is one of the very best readings I have received anywhere--ever. You are exceedingly generous with your effort, accurate, realistic, positive, and helpful. I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.

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Don't sleep on her she's amazing, I just had another "random" prediction happen that I really didn't expect to!

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Amazing reading, the clarity I needed at the time.

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One of the very best readers on site. Fully recommend a reading with Emily, she is definitely worth queuing for x

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The only Michaela for sure! Always a great call with accuracy, empathy and fantastic knowledge and guidance!!! An angel here on earth… ty ty Michaela!

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