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Temperence and The Knight of Cups

You have chosen Temperance and the Knight of Cups. You have one foot firmly on land and you are testing your waters very gently. This is a time of mixing and blending. Everything must be in moderation. Indeed it is a very good socialising time for you. This is mixed with cultures for the Temperance card details with long distance travel. That is because it is linked to the star sign Sagittarius. You are someone that's in transit, always, there is a new romantic love coming into your life, for the Knight of Cups signifies the start of a new relationship where you're breaking new ground. If you're in a relationship this means the relationship you have will take on new meaning and start to go from strength to strength. The romance is coming back. If you're not in a relationship, this tells you that you soon will be. There are lots of new social invitations going on. You're breaking a new ground with enthusiasm and unpredictability. Indeed you are being very elegant in your manner and you are attracting lots of positive attention. The Knight of Cups is the bringer of hope and this is best in the summer season. You will find that June, July and August are very good months, for this is when your hopefulness takes on it's maximum meaning. This is because you're flowing peacefully with the past, into the present and making plans for the future. You've now become more responsible and efficient and whatever problems are coming your way, you're able to control them and your emotions. You have a better awareness of yourself. This is because you are happy, you're using logic and you're in touch with your own gut feelings. You've decided to make the most of your attitude and your approach to life, you're amazing yourself at what you can achieve. This is the time to grab every opportunity and to go for it. Even if it is to do with higher education, such as mixing and blending with different cultures.

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Georgia by DRated: 5 

As usual, a wonderful reading with excellent clarity. We have such a wonderful connection now that Georgia is more like a friend, her spirits come through when we read, and she picks up on relevant names so effortlessly. Thank you so much, Georgia. xoxo Dan 28/06/22.

Lynnie by AnonRated: 5 

A very in depth reading with Lynnie - she knew my predicament instantly. Thank you x

Sharon by LeanneRated: 5 

Sharon was such a beautiful person to talk with. Really spot on with situation, thanks so much Sharon. I will for sure call Sharon again x

Eilish by NicolaRated: 5 

Eilish is amazing! Hugely grateful for her help and ability to give you the information you need to deal with very difficult situations she does so in a fun kind upbeat manor with honesty, integrity and kindness. She doesn’t ask question or pump you for information she is the real deal!

Miranda by CarolynRated: 5 

Lovely reading with insight and reminders of what is most important. Miranda… thank you for remembering me the 2nd time... wonderful…

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