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Strength and The Three of Swords

You have chosen strength and the 3 of Swords. You need to be strong right now for the energy around you has been quite negative. It has been a difficult time and your past has haunted you. It's come back time and time again. Certain matters that have caused you to feel depressed, and very sad, for this card shows things have not been easy but your situation is coming to a conclusion even though you feel that you've been here before. This time this is a conclusion for you so that you can go on with your life leaving this in the past position. It shows that you've had a lot of sadness but the 3 of Swords is here to tell you that it is over and that you must appreciate that part of your life is now behind you. The 3 of Swords signify creation so that you are moving on and becoming open to a new chapter of life. There is recognition for your Strength for you have been in control of a lot of powerful emotions. You've done really well physically, mentally and emotionally but spiritually you're feeling a little bit out of sorts. It is time now to look at the other side of the Strength card where you need to develop an inner passion for yourself; something that you feel is a creative ideal. Some sort of hobby that is just for you where you can get involved in your creative ideals and show and manifest your work to other people. It is time now to do something that gives you some self worth and the appreciation from an admiring audience would be just what you need, to make you realise life is moving on for the better. This card shows that you really do have an inner and outer Strength and great charisma. You're quite a little entertainer when it comes to admiring audiences for people love to watch you. You have charisma and a very sunny disposition. It's time now for you to shine and show what you can do. You're very original and you need to use your personal style and let other people see it. Your efforts need to be admired and appreciated by those that you feel would most be fulfilled, but this is a time for you to get involved in self expression where your ideas can be given shape.

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Lori Ann

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Sarah L

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Phoenicia by TaranRated: 5 

Excellent reader! Delves right in and has such amazing insight. Readings are always consistent xx

Katie by SarahRated: 5 

Katie is amazing and got me and my life and what has happened to a tee! I now look forward to things for the future also. Thankyou so much Katie. I will definitely be in touch in future x

Katie by SarahRated: 5 

Wow! Thankyou katie for my email reading. Was amazing! You certainly got exactly what has happened and exactly what I have been thinking. I look forward to what's now ahead. Thankyou once again. I will definitely be in touch in the future x

Kelly Marie by LisaRated: 5 

Such an amazing reading. Was spot on with everything x I will be back for more in due time.

Jason by CherryRated: 5 

Excellent and I'm a reader myself. Jason's email reading was fab 2 days after he said I'd get a call back about a job I did and most likely will be signing contracts when Jason predicted. Will have a phone reading next in a couple months - lovely friendly guy highly recommended. Thanks Jason xx

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