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Strength and The Page of Swords

You have chosen Strength and the page of Swords. The strength card tells you that you are trying to maintain control of powerful emotions. It's a very physical card and means hard work is around you. You're someone that's used to getting your own way and you have to keep the lid on your emotions. You have inner and outer Strength but at the moment you're passionate about something but you don't yet have enough knowledge. This is because your project is under developed and you can't get very far at the moment. You have to go on a journey and gain more knowledge and experience for this backwards and forwards situation is making you annoyed and you're becoming extremely irritable that things are not progressing as much as you would like. There are minor setbacks and things are a general nuisance to you so you're finding that you're getting extremely wound up. You've got to stop digging your heels in and move on. You need to be dignified and not so dogmatic. You have the willpower and determination but you lose heart too quickly because things do not progress as quickly as you'd like. You're impatient. Whatever happens you must keep persevering for the patience and courage is necessary for you to go through the muddles and problems coming your way. You might have a hard time dealing with this for you have a slight weakness that allows you to give up all too soon and so nothing ever feels that it's finished, but you do have the Strength and courage to keep going. You've just got to keep realizing that experience, setbacks, is all part of getting there. You have such creative ideals and you love the drama and intensity. You've got lots of big new ideas and you really have got personal style but you have a childlike spirit, which means you're sometimes a little bit childish. If you're really serious about this you need to work harder and stop giving up at the first goalpost.

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Jane O'Hara by Irish girl Rated: 5 

I have readings from Jane few times now. Jane’s insights and guidance were logical, practical and no sugar coating. Jane readings were very consistent .Her guidance helped me to move forward especially on my love relationship. She truly helped me in giving me back my self confidence! Thank you!

Dahlia Rose by PhilipRated: 5 

Unbelievable reader. Picked up everything I've been told by other readers over the last few months and put it all together in one reading.

Mysticdreamer22 by Samantha Rated: 5 

Wow! I got an email read several weeks ago from this lovely lady, she give me very precise info about when & where I’d meet my partner. She described his personality, work & past in detail. I came back to confirm every single thing she told me happened! Specific details! Amazing! She’s so gifted!

Anya by CandaceRated: 5 

Excellent reader and reading. I can’t stop smiling. Thank you for giving me hope. I will definitely call again!

Faith Bird by BethRated: 5 

Thank you for my reading x x x hope to speak soon in the next following weeks your insight and just general conversation is always worth the call XxX

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