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Strength and The Page of Pentacles

You have chosen Strength and the Page of Pentacles. The Strength card is a physical card. It means you need to maintain control of very powerful emotions. You're a proud person and you're used to doing things in your own way. People need to keep you happy otherwise you turn. You need to keep a lid on your emotions for it is not brute force that handles things, quite the opposite. It's the determination of patience and courage and perseverance that is the mental willpower of putting things into operation and succeeding in your own time. There is a new message of financial opportunity for you. You need a fixed focus. You're capable of this. Anything where you can study and take your time, no matter what your age would be good. Whatever you train your brain to learn ways to make new money, you're educating yourself and satisfying your needs for everything. Things need to happen gently and slowly for you. You are someone that is very financially orientated and you will always put your security and your material success first. For you seeing, is believing. You're quite rooted and earthbound and determined to get it right, but you have a sense of authority where you work slowly and patiently. You need a position of responsibility in the world. It's important to you and you need to create something that will outlive you, something that will last, for this will make you feel fulfilled more than anything as long as it is practical and useful, you're happy. Keep going with the struggle and testing it out, for you have a deep respect for tradition. You may be a little be slower at acquiring the experience, but that is because you have such meticulous attention to detail. You're astute and worldly and very hard to fool and you need this longing inside of you to break free so that you can explore with imagination these things that help you gain the knowledge necessary for your material success.

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Wendy by DRated: 5 

A truly gifted and talented reader, I found that Wendy gives a very specific and accurate reading and is able to provide some great insights into the future and specific situations. Thank you for a fabulous reading.

Sam by RaajiniRated: 5 

Thank you my Angel Sam for yesterday's reading for guiding me & reassuring me again, for making me aware of what I need to be careful, thank you for sending me healing & my parents, Derek & Cuddle. You are my best friend& my spiritual guide. I am grateful to my Saint & You Sam Always.

Gaia by VikramRated: 5 

My go to guide when I am struggling. The best reader I have come across x

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She’s honestly the sweetest, kindest person ever! I loved speaking with her every time. She gave me accurate and honest readings every time. I will definitely continue to use her.

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I love the gentle kindness of Yvette's readings.

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