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Strength and The King of Pentacles

You have chosen Strength and the King of Pentacles. The Strength card is a physical card telling you to maintain control of your very powerful emotions. You're someone who's used to getting their own way. People have to keep it happy around you otherwise you can turn on them. This is a childlike streak in you for you are passionate about your project and how people must handle it, but you must learn patience, perseverance and courage are far more important to your strengths than brutish force. You are someone who is hard to get close to, for you have so much clutter going on in your life. You hold a high position of security and wealth and indeed you're at the top of your field. Your financially secure, you work very hard to make things materialize. You have the Midas touch, everything you touch works out. You're someone that's in charge. This is an extremely good time for you. You did not advertise your talents or skills until there was a reason to do so. This is because you've acquired practical experience and built on something permanent rather than made premature decisions that would only have to be undone later, so you're quite a dark horse in many ways. You let go of things easily and you surround yourself with clutter and you refuse to abandon anything unless a better alternative can be more or less guaranteed. You're a creature of habit and you love objects. You need to surround yourself with a little bit more space but you're so threatened by security and material objects that you feel that you are backing your success, by experience rather than fantasy and that people need to see how well you've done by the clutter that you have. Personal taste is something you need to work on. Less is more. As long as objects are beautiful, they are beautiful in their own right. Set next to others they lose their value. Try to work on the wisdom to value ordinary life and find experience in beauty and harmony within yourself rather than the material objects you surround yourself with.

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