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Justice and The Six of Wands

You have chosen Justice and the 6 of wands. The Justice card is a law and order card meaning that everything is equal and that relationships and partnership must be fair. It is a time of liberation for you, to break free and go for your ideology of what you feel you would like your world to be. This is in matters to do with work or applications for posts that you have a interest in. the 6 of wands tells us that you have a victory coming to you. It is successful. Your success is something bigger than you anticipated. It's also a high card of travel so anything to do with moving around and changing location means this is excellent. Once you've made up your mind you need to actually think bigger because you have More good news coming to you. If you've applied for a post of application then this is surely to be a success so any interviews for promotion or to start something new is going to be successful. Of course you must put the hard work in, but you are capable of getting certificates in degrees, diplomas, or the passing of exams. In short you're on your way to victory here. Your hard work and achievements will not go unnoticed. This is a time for you to shine and get noticed by important people who, can help you further your career. you're being asked to be reasonable here and impartial. If you have had any matters to do with law or legal affairs the interpretation is that you will do very well. If it has been dragging on for some time it shows that the outcome is positive. The Justice card is linked to the star sign Libra. Libra governs relationships and permanent partnerships. It means that you are diplomatic within your affairs with other people and that you are looking for harmony and balance. It is important now that you are with like minded people. This is time to put your career first because your personality is at it's best. You have an approach where you are able to use your greatest assets for the good of other people.

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This is one soulful, amazing gorgeous reader I love you Leah! Her readings are divine feminine heartfelt uplifting beauty. She's a real one gifted and true.

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Great reader!

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I've been reading with Evelyn for quite some time and her deep reads are accurate. I'm starting to see tangible movement of what's been given and the time frame though it seemed far away then is turning out right. The insight under the surface is the key to the "why's" which is what we all want.

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First time using email feature and let me tell you, Jason knocked it out of the park! This guy gives so many zingers I was in shock! So extremely glad I was referred to him! Highly recommend!

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