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Justice and The Page of Pentacles

You have chosen Justice and the Page of Pentacles. Justice works with the star sign Libra which is about balance and harmony but this card is about the relationships and partnerships that are going on in your world. It's to do with liberating yourself with the freedom to explore your new ideas. In your case this is linked to your material world and your working habits. It's about the ideology you've created for yourself where you feel there's an equality of who you would like to be. you're creating law, order, balance and harmony within your life but you know that sometimes what is just may not necessarily be fair to you. for everything is linked to messages of financial opportunity right here. You have very fixed focus. This means you're capable of very deep, long study particularly whether you're young or old. you're always looking for ways to learn and to train and to make some more money. You love educating yourself. Anything that works hard towards goods and possessions in one way or another is important. You work things out and you earn and work hard for your money but things happen very slowly for everything you do has to have a sense of meticulous careful detail otherwise the whole project falls apart. so it's important that you take your time as you've learnt and know. In fact this suits you down to the ground. You will always put your financial security first and you're not easily fooled. Things have got to be backed up by practical experience rather than fantasy for you, indeed seeing is believing. This makes you a little rooted and earthbound which means that you don't have that much room for your spiritual beliefs, but you're on a mission and there will be a right time for you to explore that side of your nature, as and when, you chose to. You have a very deep respect for tradition and it's always proved it's worth through struggle and testing. you're good at enduring failure as well as success and you're astute worldliness means that you're hard to fool, but this preoccupation with survival may create some self imposed limits. This means that you have a deep responsibility towards your family and the past. This must not take precedent over any pleasures in life that you have. Try not to be so, dutiful and serious that you miss out on your sense of fun. Balance and harmony are what you are striving for.

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