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Justice and The Four of Pentacles

You have chosen Justice and the 4 of Pentacles. you're being asked to be reasonable and impartial especially when it comes to you finances. Perhaps you feel you've been misunderstood or even misrepresented and money has indeed been a little bit of a sore spot. Maybe you've felt resentful and you've had to really work hard just to keep on board. Maybe you've been involved in a legal situation which has cost you quite a lot of money. Things will perhaps balance themselves out at best. This is not exactly the most shining, favourable outcome for financial success if you are involved in a legal court case. It is definitely time to work out what is just and what is fair and you must make sure that all your interests including that of those around you are dealt with fairly. At best here any argument between you and another party will be resolved, a favourable financial outcome is at best that you'll break even, so it's up to you whether you wish to pursue the matter. Perhaps you felt hard done by at the time, but you're being asked to look at the situation with a critical view and see if what is just is fair because Justice is indeed a two edged sword. It might be a matter of doing absolutely nothing and to no longer continue to agonise and pour money into this matter. It has been frustrating up to now. It would be best to calm down, let matters resolve themselves and to get on with your life. you're being asked to look at relationships right now and permanent partnerships. Whether this is to do with the harmony and balance between an emotional situation or professional working situation. Try to keep things as happy and harmonious as possible. It is indeed a good time to be dutiful, diligent and detailed and to show everyone how responsible and reliable you can be. The more you take your duties and obligations seriously the better you'll fare out. It's time to be ambitious in your attitude and to secure your own success. Work hard at being as professional as possible in your pursuits when it comes to matters of your career and within your social standing. The more you show how organised and accurate you can be the more you'll be of service to others, particularly when it comes to work. By doing so, your communications improve with everybody and you are after all, quite a practical, matter of fact person so with your feet firmly on the ground you can go from strength to strength for the more practical you are the more your success is guaranteed. It is after all the simplest of things in life that bring you the greatest of pleasures. It's up to you now to be the diplomat and the peacemaker, both in your personal and professional life.

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Beth by SacredCharlie2100Rated: 5 

Beth is such an encouraging psychic reader and a wonderful helping hand... really recommend her, she pinpoints anything needing discussing and gives a fresh view on matters. Thank you for being a sweet soul Bet and know you help many along the way, blessings good soul - Namaste, Healer Charlie.

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Leah give me some good advice, I enjoy the reading.

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Great reading from Ben. He's very caring and understanding. Thank you Ben.

Anya P by LeanneRated: 5 

Thank you for a beautiful and comforting Anya. Your guidance has gave me so much hope and faith. Thank you so much for helping me xxx You are just Amazing

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She is always accurate and she provides the answers I need to know!!

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