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Justice and The Four of Cups

You have chosen Justice and the 4 of Cups. The Justice card deals with relationships and it works with the star sign Libra. This is to do with partnerships in your world particularly linked with your emotions for the cup family deals with emotion. The 4 of cups is telling you that you're feeling dissatisfied with life. Emotionally you're dwelling on something that you feel has been spoilt. you're feeling restless and sorry for yourself as if a missed opportunity has led to apathy. you're feeling delusioned and stuck in an emotional rut. you're simply bored with routine and there's a need to change your life. you've got to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Now there are offers coming your way, but this lack of interest of stimulation needs to change and you need to get into a much more positive mind set. This would certainly change how you're feeling, particularly if it's linked up with relationships and partnerships, something needs to change. You need to put more energy into it or to turn around and realise that possibly you must start again. There must be a quality within the relationship or the partnership that you're in and it must be that things are fair and balanced. If this is a situation where you feel that one person is working harder than the other then you know you must tackle this situation. It is not going to go away. This requires communication and acknowledgement of the situation and Justice is a two edged sword so what is just may not necessarily be fair. You are someone that doesn't like anything ugly so you're always looking for harmony and balance and when things are difficult you tend to sulk. you'll do anything for a quiet life, but then when it's your turn you'll make sure that you cause an atmosphere that's pretty uncomfortable for people. you've got to work on being diplomatic and getting the harmony back into your relationship or realising it's time to start anew. Things should go pretty well for Justice is telling you that there's a favourable outcome. Perhaps you feel that you're misunderstood or even getting in muddles and feeling misrepresented. You need to clear the air. This is a time to reveal the true you. People will realise exactly what you want if you tell them.

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Sarah Sinclair by BRated: 5 

Excellent!! Thank you Sarah

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She's the only reader to have gotten timing for contact correct. It happened within a few weeks of my first reading. I have to see if the rest unfolds because there are still obstacles but I'm impressed it was 6 months of no contact! I have serious faith in her gifts!

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Really don’t need to have another reading after Julie clarified what other top readers on ATA have said. Validation after validation flowed, and the ref to bubble and squeak was amazing. Also had a giggle listening back to Julie’s fab sense of humour. Wishing you well lovely lady, chat again soon xxx

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Thanks for all of your incredible readings.

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Katie is very accurate with her readings. I will definitely be having a follow up reading. My reading was a month ago and when I listen back to I see her accuracy

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