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Judgement and The Page of Wands

You have chosen Judgement and the Page of Wands. This is a card which represents the fact that you are at a crossroads. There's a new generation bringing about a collective power that is about to change your attitudes. This is irreversible. There's some very big, important decisions to make and they're based upon the past for your future. You're off to a better lifestyle. You're being given a chance again. This is based on experience and knowledge that you've brought about through your practical side of life. You've now got to look back and remember what you've done and give yourself a chance and say that well done - you did the best you could but it's now time for you. You're being given a second chance. you're off to do your own thing at last. This is a wake up call. It's asking you to stop being so serious with life and get on with having a good time. You've got to start doing things for yourself. This is all to do with thinking of the comings and goings of life for you're physically creative and you have some great skills. It's a time of action now and you're off to get some tangible adventures. You've got a very fixed focus and yes, you're starting out all from the beginning but you've got such a love of travel and you've got so much energy. You're boisterous and extrovert and you love people watching you and people love to listen to what you've got to say. You're very good at communications so it's time for a total transformation of your image and your identity and start living your life because what's worked for you in the past is no longer for your future. Do not stand in the way of change for you will regret it for matters will be taken out of your hands and then you'll have no decision over what you want. This is complex change so you might as well organise what you really want and eliminate the things that are no longer of use to you and prepare for some good happy times doing exactly what you want, particularly if it's to do with your hobbies.

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Katie B by LuciRated: 5 

She is amazing! I was very worried about something and she told me that the message was not to worry - mind-blowing, the 2nd topic she mentioned the first name of a POI - without my asking. Do not hesitate to call her, she's the best!

Dreamer by PicklesRated: 5 

Phenomenal! Was able to pick up on my situation quickly and was spot on! Thank you!

Dreamer by Anonymous Rated: 5 

Sometimes forces beyond our understanding manifest special people to help with extraordinary circumstances. Thank you for incredible readings, integrity and your committment to helping while serving the greater good. You are indeed a special person and a fountain of knowledge. :)

Adele S by SophieRated: 5 

Adele helped give me guidance on a situation that I was unsure of. She helped me to remember what my soul purpose in life is right now. It all felt very relatable and I came away feeling like I know exactly what I need to do. Thank you Adele for the reading, speak soon.

Ally Bee by KarenRated: 5 

You said it was an honour to do my reading... now it is my honour to give you a 5 star rating... it happened exactly as you said it would in the 6/7 day time line you gave me. Thank you x

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