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Judgement and The Ace of Wands

You have chosen Judgement and the Ace of Wands. The Judgement card and the Ace of Wands shows that you are at a crossroad. It is choice and decision. There are big important decisions for you to make, changes that are based on the past for the future for the better. It's towards a better lifestyle based on the knowledge and experience that's been brought about. It's a case of re-evaluating and looking back at what you've done. This is an excellent time for the Judgement card to go into the wings of flight and business mergers. The Ace of Wands shows there is a new beginning associated with work. Usually with a small group of people. It's the start of a brand new action and a brand new enterprise. There's a new offer coming to you, perhaps one that you thought up for yourself which has plenty of growth within the new beginning. This is an excellent time. This is very fertile. It's a good offer and it is the possibility that you have been looking for to put all your attention into. The Judgement card is ruled by the Planet Pluto. This means that this collective power bringing about a change of attitude that is going to be irreversible in your life. It's like there is a new generation. You're going to go through a new transition where things will change and never be the same again. You are able to do your own thing at last. This is a wake up call telling you to stop being too serious with life and to do something that you enjoy. You are being asked to seize the moment and make the most of your current spirit particularly with the assertiveness and the enterprise because you are driven by powerful enthusiasm and you're ambition is at it's best right now because you have the physical energy to do so. It is an excellent time to go for something that takes your fancy especially if you've never tried it before. You must be enterprising and dynamic. This is a complex and a complete change for you so it's time for you to get ready to be completely transformed. You've got to let go of the past and the behaviour and the patterns from the past. This is a lucky time. You're being offered a chance to make changes of your own accord. This shows you've now reached the end of a chapter, particularly to do with work and it's time to embark upon something new that will give you that spark and enthusiasm. Look back at what's happened, be satisfied that you did everything that you could for now you are being given the chance to now struggle so much or suffer for it and to act in a way that is positive and productive to be more enlightened and in touch with what you really love. This could be a hobby that turns into a business or it could be an enterprise that you feel is just what you've been looking for.

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Elsa by CarmelRated: 5 

I had another wonderful reading with Elsa today. Excellent link into Spirit was so reassuring and comforting. Elsa is truly gifted. Thank you so so much Elsa. X

Ruth by FrankieRated: 5 


Kendra by Lunar Rated: 5 

First call with Kendra ((29/6) and she was amazing. Only asked for a general relationship reading, but she picked up on the poi straight away in accurate detail, and gave clarification of how it would work out. Also gave details of a past relationship she couldn’t have known. Thanks lively lady x

Elsa by JanRated: 5 

Thank you Elsa such an in-depth reading so looking forward to the road ahead with my TF

Cathy by TRated: 5 

Just a validation - Cathy told me on the 23rd something would appear regarding work or money on the 23rd. I heard from my work that my pay was being shifted to a different classification. Well done Cathy I look forward to the rest of what you provided!

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