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Death and The Ten of Pentacles

you have chosen the death card and the 10 of Pentacles. the death card never signifies a physical death, nor does it predict a death of the future. It is a death of an old self - a part of your behaviour or habits that are changing or indeed in this case, your circumstances. This is a card of very big changes. Life changing events. The 10 of Pentacles tells us that you are going to be involved in very big sums of money. Maybe it is to do with family money or real estate. It deals with the buying and selling of houses and land. Maybe it is hereditary money. There is family around you who are bitter and jealous and cannot be pleased for you. Maybe you are dealing with something such as probate but the animosity of those around you for your good fortune needs to be ignored. These long term quibbles about financial status and the jealousy of ownership, perhaps to do with property matters or your inheritance but do not take any notice of the sour grapes that come from others. It's just nasty gossip and their jealousy. You must do what you think best and not be effect by the snipey comments of who feel they would like to be spending your money for you. Take the initiative in anything to do with monetary matters. Investigate ways of making your money go further. Seek professional advice, invest in anything that will rise in value. It's all about security and comfort from now on for you and your material well-being is going to be looked after. Do not let others try to gain control over you. Power is what they're after. You've got to realise how ruthless they can be. Just be secretive, don't under estimate anyone for they could take you by surprise. It's best to say nothing, some things are best left unsaid. Just keep playing your cards very close to your check and look out for your worthy friends. They will give you tremendous backing and the support that you need. Just take on a practical, matter of fact frame of mine and keep your feet firmly on the ground. You're a good person and remember it is the simplest things in life that bring us all pleasure.

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