Free Rune Readings

Free Rune Readings

Can Runes Predict The Future?

Rune reading is an ancient divinatory art used by Nordic and Germanic tribes to find insight and guidance. Rune readings use Viking rune stones, selected at random, to show possible futures. Similar to a tarot reading, oracle reading, horoscope or angel card reading, rune readings don’t directly predict the future, but by tapping into your unconscious mind a rune reading can show you how things may go if you choose a certain action. Even if a rune reading shows you a possible future, it does not always mean you need to stick to it, rune readers are not the same as psychics! To give you a taste of what a runic reader can do to help, here’s a free online rune reader.

How To Read The Runes

Picture yourself taking out three rune stones and placing them in front of you. As you imagine placing the rune stones down, think about your current situation and what you would like to do. Concentrate on this as you press the “Cast the runes” button. The universe will randomly select three runes for you, offering you a message via the runes it chooses. Read the rune’s meanings carefully and see how their wisdom relates to your situation. The results just might shock you!